Caring for Your Charms

Although your charms are fairly robust, they still need looking after as they are part of your sacred toolkit.

Caring for your charms makes them feel more important and special to you; deepening your respect and trust of your work together.

Your charms will benefit from being cleansed regularly. Clearing them of any stagnant energy and keeping their energy running free and clear.

It’s not essential that you cleanse them after every reading, but you’ll likely know when they do need cleansing as the readings you get may just feel ‘off’, or they may feel sticky (physically or energetically).

If in doubt, just give them a cleanse.

There are several ways that you could cleanse your charms:

  • Sacred Smoke: Waft your charms gently through some sacred smoke, or waft the smoke over your (fireproof) bowl of charms and gently blow the smoke so it penetrates your charms.
  • Alcohol: Dip your fingers in some alcohol or add a few drops of flower essence to your hands and run your fingers through your bowl of charms.
  • Moonlight: Place your charms on your windowsill on the night of a Full Moon, with the intention the Full Moon will cleanse and charge your charms


Storing Your Charms

How you store your charms is entirely up to you.

This is about your relationship with your charms.

If you treat them like a treasured and sacred tool, notice if there’s a change in the quality of your readings.

Likewise, if you neglect your charms, and they’re all sticky or covered in dust, receiving little care or attention, how do you think this will affect your relationship with them?

I personally tend to keep my main set, in a box on my desk. This is because I use them frequently and can just dip my hand in when I want some clarity or guidance.

I keep the SHEro Toolkit charms in their special pouch, either in my ‘big’ box of charms, or on my altar. I save this set for specific Journey Casting readings with the Maps, for when I want to explore a question in a deeper way.

What’s more important, is that you actually use your charms, so that you come into a deeper relationship with them, so that they support you to access your intuition.

So maybe accessibility is a key function to you storing them. As you can see, I like to keep my on-hand, close by!

You might also want to consider if the way that you store and care for your charms is a reflection of the way you feel about and trust your intuition and inner-wisdom?