Casting Your Charms

Now you’re ready to cast your charms!

This will require some practice, until it feels completely natural.

You want the charms to flow freely and offer a nice distribution of pieces over your casting area – not too spread out from each other, but not in one big lump either.

Practice varying speeds, force, height and direction from which you cast them, until you find a combination that feels just right for you.

If you have a small number of charms, you may want to simply pick them up, and cast them from your hand.

Perhaps you roll them from your hand, or prefer something more like a ‘drop’ from your fingers.

If they’re stored in a bag, bowl or small basket, you may want to cast them from there.

If you have a large box of them, you may want to move your fingers through the charms, almost stirring them, and then scoop out as many as feels right for you (one or two, or a handful), and then cast them from your hand.