Charms that ‘Fall Off’ the Throwing Area

Just like with oracle cards that appear to ‘jump’ out of the deck, sometimes when you cast your charms, some of them may fall outside of the throwing area.

They may fall outside of the map, roll off your plate or your casting area.

You can choose to discard them or interpret them.

For example, if they fall outside of your reading area, you can decide that they aren’t relevant for your reading.


You can interpret them in a way that feels right for you.

For example, perhaps they represent;

  • Things that are outside of your conscious awareness right now.
  • Things that you aren’t seeing clearly.
  • Things that aren’t as important as you first thought.
  • Things that you’re ignoring.

For Example:

You could dismiss the Infinity ‘Hope’, the Dumbells, and even the Crown from the Map for Change reading below.


You could Interpret the Crown alongside the broom; sweeping out extravagant ways of expressing yourself that aren’t yours, or clearing the patterns so that you can embody more of your own authority/sovereignty.


You could see them as you ignoring/dismissing your own hope, optimism, strength and resilience, in the face of change.

The same for the charms on the map below.

You could ignore the Black charm; the New Moon. Or interpret it as you not owning your inner wisdom in times of Significant Challenge.