Connecting with Your Charms

Once you have your charms, you’ll want to connect with them. To get to know their energy and start to connect with how they might show up in messages for you.

Think of your charm set as being made up of individual characters. Each character has their own flavour they bring to the wider community. Each bringing their own medicine and knowledge.

At some time in your life, you may find that you end up ‘hanging out’ with a particular part of the community, and then when your life changes, you may move to a different part of the community.

But before you know whose advice you need, you need to get to know what the community is made up of.

When I first get new charms, I like to just spend time with them.

I’ll find somewhere where I can be quiet with the charms and I’ll just go through them one by one. I’ll notice how they feel in my hand. Look at them, hold them, notice their colour and texture. I’ll put them on my desk where I’m working, and I’ll regularly look at them.

As they sit with me, I pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that I have about them.

I may keep them on my desk for a few minutes, or a few days, trusting what feels right (you can’t get it wrong!)

I may go through this process several times depending on what feels right for me.