Drawing a ‘Charm of the Day’

A ‘charm of the day’ is exactly what is sounds like; you draw a single charm each day.

You may wish to draw a charm a day when you want to deepen your own knowledge and connection with your intuition and get a better understanding of how your soul talks to you.

Draw your daily charm and ask for general guidance on the day ahead.

Make a note of the charm; it’s meaning to you, how you felt about it, anything that stood out for you. Then throughout the day see how the message from the charm, and your thoughts about it, resonate with your experiences of the day.

When you’ve done this for a period of time you’ll start to notice themes and patterns emerging. You may find that certain charms have certain meanings for you, and that when they come up they are, as I heard Molly Remer once say, a “cosmic wink” from the universe. A “cosmic wink”, is like a wink from the universe telling you that you are on the right track, that everything is going to be okay. It’s a reassuring wink from the universe.

Choosing a charm a day is a powerful way to connect with your charms and come into deeper relationship with them and your intuition.