Embracing More of Your Intuition

Although I don’t even have to think about it these days, there was a time when I constantly doubted myself. I questioned everything that I did and over-analysed every choice I had to make.

This really changed for me when I was around 20, and my body screamed NO MORE!

Suddenly out of nowhere, after never even having a spot as a teenager, my skin erupted into the worst eczema I’ve ever seen.

Seemingly overnight, my face, my arms and my legs were bright red, shiny, weeping and very, very sore.

After going to the doctor and them not really having any answers for me, I tried elimination diets, and handfuls of vitamins and oils, etc. Finally a friend recommended I visit a kinesiologist.

I have to admit, I was completely sceptical. I’d never even heard of kinesiology before, but nothing else was working. I had nothing to lose, and I was running out of options.

The kinesiologist was really nice, but what she was doing made absolutely no sense to me.

I left there rolling my eyes, and wondering what on earth I could try next.

But…. my skin started to clear up! Even I couldn’t dismiss this as a coincidence.

So I went back and finished the course of treatment, and my skin has never flared up again (I’m now in my 40’s)

Not only did my skin clear up, but I also felt more connected to myself and my intuition. I felt more confident in myself and my choices. I felt a deep sense of calm and presence in my body.

I was so amazed, that I went and signed up for the very next course.

Once qualified and established in the Natural Health Centre I worked from, I began to notice a very common theme.

I worked with hundreds and hundreds of women who displayed many symptoms such as:

  • IBS
  • eczema
  • depression/low mood
  • not feeling quite right,
  • lack of motivation
  • feeling that something was missing from their lives.

They would often come to me expecting to be told that they were allergic to something. But in fact, in 90+% of cases, the root cause was emotional in nature. Often it was a result of them consciously or sub-consciously hiding their true self, suppressing their dreams and desires or resisting taking opportunities that came their way.

They’d been doing this for so long that they had often become resentful or had actually forgotten what it was that truly lit them up.

They may have been trying to continue living their life the way that they felt they ‘should’, doing what others expected of them or even sabotaging their own success! But their soul and heart’s desire never stopped trying to get their attention.

At first, this attention often started as a niggling feeling, a small voice encouraging them to do something new, follow a dream or dream bigger.

However, many of my clients reported that they didn’t trust these ‘daydreams’, which were fairly easy to ignore and dismiss, despite their persistence.

Often, when I asked my clients when their symptoms first started, they said it coincided with a significant event in their life or a choice they’d made. They’d just never realised the connection before.

It’s my experience that when we ignore, reject or suppress, those niggling feelings, our bodies will send us signs that become ‘louder and louder’ until they get our attention.

Today, people are often much more aware of the connection between their emotional and physical health. But it’s still common for me to hear that women are ‘doing the internal work’, while still feeling as if they’re going around in circles. They’ve lost their drive or  lack passion and purpose, all of which causes them to feel down and often powerless.

Basically, they feel disconnected.

Disconnected from themselves, their intuition, their soul path, and the world around them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you’ve ever felt disconnected from yourself and you want to trust your intuition much more, I want to introduce you to my ‘ART of Being You’ energy-clearing meditations



I’ve put together a collection of energy-clearing meditations to support you with the ART of being more you.

They’ll help you to clear away the energetic blocks that prevent you from fully trusting yourself and connecting to your intuition.

They’ll also help you to make clear choices that support you in every area of your life.

These meditations bring together my 20 years of experience working as a transformative kinesiologist and my love of all things practical. They are around 8-10 minutes long, and are filled with energy clearings so that you can release the old patterns that no longer serve you.

I wanted to make these super accessible, so I’ve made them ‘Pay What You Can’ (click here to learn my selfish reason they’re pay what you can).

These meditations are simple, yet profound, and they will help you fully embrace all of our Intuitive Witchery!

Click here to learn more: https://rebeccaanuwen.com/art/

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