Energy Hygiene

Back when I first started my kinesiology training in 1999, the tutor recommended a particular Psychic Protection class. The teacher for that class described picking up on other people’s energy in this way:

“Imagine you’re a farmer who’s been out in the fields and mucking out the animals all day. When you come home in your muddy boots and dirty overalls, do you sit on the couch straight away? Of course not – that would be ridiculous! It would leave mud and muck all over your home, so it just doesn’t make sense. And your energetic health is the same way, except that you don’t see the mud.”

I wasn’t really into the idea of ‘psychic’ anything at the time, but I went along to the class anyway. And that training was probably some of the most valuable of my life because it started my interest in – and research into – energetic hygiene.

And gradually, as I learnt more about the topic, I became more aware of how other people interacted with my energy, and how I used my own energy with them. I grew more conscious about how I interacted with others, and started to take responsibility for how I showed up – not only in life, but in relationships too. I also learnt to take responsibility for my past decisions and actions, and take greater responsibility for my choices moving forward.

If I felt drained or depleted around certain people, I gradually learnt how to clear those feelings, and come back into my own energy. And with time, I even stopped allowing others to drain or deplete my energy. Instead, I began to quickly recognise that depletion was imminent, and ‘protect’ my energy by setting boundaries.

Learning about energetic hygiene taught me to understand where my energy ended in the world, and where other people’s began. Whenever I noticed an intense emotion, I could quickly distinguish whether it was mine, or if I was picking it up from someone else or the collective energy around me.

As you embody your Modern Day Witch, it’s important that you look after your energetic health too.

Or when you set your intentions, you may find that you’re setting intentions that you think you ‘should’ set, or trying to call in things you think you ‘should’ have, rather than want you truly want.

And when you’re not truly aligned with your energy, and caught up in what I call ‘energetic smog’ of expectations, overwhelm, and judgements, the power and intention of your magic is diluted.

Smoggy intentions create smoggy results.

When you’re energy isn’t truly aligned with your own desires, at best you’ll get half-hearted, inconsistent results.

I’m going to share with your some essential basics to help you stay in your own energy, so you are less affected/unduly influenced by the thoughts, expectations, and energy around you.

When you think of grounding think of the phrase ‘coming back to your senses’ – as that’s quite literally what you are doing.


‘Come back to your senses’

You are coming back to your senses so that you are ‘in’ your body and able to feel grounded and centred. And you’re also coming back to your senses in the fact that you can think more clearly and make the best choices for you.

When we’re not grounded and are ‘out of our senses’, we can make decisions that we end up regretting. We can be unduly influenced by those around us. We can make decisions from a place of shame, fear or judgment.

We don’t trust ourselves and can’t connect with our intuition.

So, let’s get you ‘back to your senses’!


Engage all of your senses

A quick and simple way to ground yourself is to engage all of your senses.

A beautiful way to do this is to get yourself into nature, go for a hike, walk barefoot on the grass, spend time with the trees.

But really anywhere will do, even sat at your office desk.

Spend some time noticing what you can hear, smell, feel, even taste.

Engage all of your senses and really pay attention to them.

Pick up a stone (or solid object) and hold it in your hand. Connect to the density and texture of it.


‘Shock’ your senses

One of the quickest ways you can ground your energy it to have a plunge pool or a cold shower – but that’s not always possible, so a quicker way is to bite into a large slice of lemon. That sharp, sour tastes brings you right back into your body!


Root Yourself

You could also image roots growing out the bottom of your feet, that reach deep down into the earth beneath you.

Also a fun way, it to wear red socks – yes, really!

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