Example 2: Map for Clarity

This Map has been created for when you are seeking greater clarity around a situation.

Hidden: This area of the Map shows you what is hidden from view, what you haven’t considered or seen.

Avoiding: This area of The Map shows you what areas you’ve been avoiding or sabotaging. Knowing that once you have the clarity you seek, you will need to make some kind of change in your life.

Look Again: This area of The Map is asking you to take a closer look, as things may not be as they seem or as they first appeared to be.

Clarity: This section brings you more of the clarity you seek. It identifies where you will find more clarity or what you need to do to experience more clarity.

Initial Thoughts:

Looking from a ‘wide’ perspective first, I noticed two main things.

  • The Autumn Leaf is by itself on The Map, in the Clarity section.
  • The rest of the charms are clustered together, in, or close to the avoiding section.

One interpretation of this could be that you are avoiding finding or acknowledging that you know what you want or need to do, as the Clarity will involve change (the falling orange/Autumn leaf).

Looking Closer:

The Pumpkin on the centre line between Hidden and Avoiding – Avoiding owning your gifts or celebrating the fruits of your harvest. Pretending that you don’t have the answers to the questions you seek.

Garden and Crown in the Avoiding section – Avoiding owning your inner power/authority and your sovereignty over your ‘land’/garden/world, body, or resources.

Horseshoe between Avoiding and Look Again section – You’re leaving things to ‘Luck’ or hoping that everything will turn out okay, instead of taking responsibility and actively, consciously creating and moving towards what you want.

The Wellington Boot in the Look Again section – Look again at the direction you’re moving towards, are you heading the right way?

The Autumn Leaf in the Clarity section – Change and letting things go are needed to bring about the clarity you seek.

The Map would suggest that you’re hiding from taking responsibility for your life and bringing the dreams you have into reality.

That you’re hoping that things will work out as you planned, but in fact you need to realign with what’s important to you, and make changes in order to get what you want.