Example 3: Map for Intentions

The Map for Intentions has been created for when you want some guidance on how to manifest your intentions.

Dedicate: This area of The Map identifies what you need to dedicate and fully commit to, if you want to bring your intentions into being.

Release: This reveals what you need to release so you can manifest your intentions.

Uplevel: This area gives you an idea of what area(s) of your life you need to uplevel and raise your standards in, if you want to align with the energy of your intentions.

Focus: This shows you where you need to focus your time, energy and resources to get what you desire.

Nurture: This area shows you what needs nurturing in you, or your life, so you can get ready to receive your intention.

Receive: This shows you what you need to do, be or have, in order to fully receive your intention.

Initial Thoughts:

Looking from a ‘wide’ perspective first, I noticed two main things.

  • The Map seems clearly split into two. Charms at the top; Dumbell, Snail, and the Bed. And the charms at the bottom: Jewelled Crown, Hare, and Smaller Crown
  • And that there are two pairs of charms; the Dumbell and the Snail, the Hare and the Smaller Crown.

One interpretation of this could be that the top part of The Map is about dreaming and aligning with your intention and the bottom half of The Map is about grounding and doing the work to make it happen.

This could be seen as slowing down (snail and bed) and getting stronger (Dumbell) in your intention, your vision and your why and owning your power and sovereignty (Crowns) to create new beginnings (Hare) and make things happen.

It’s also worth noting, that at first glance, I totally missed the Palm trees on the outer ring of the Nurture section. This feels relevant to ‘not seeing’ what needed to be Nurtured. (Are you avoiding nurturing something?)

Although the Hare is face down, I decided to read it as if it was face up.

Looking Closer:

The Snail and Dumb Bells in the centre of The Map and in the Dedicate section: Dedicate time to creating slow, steady, and strong foundations. There will be no rushing this intention. Everything has to be pieced together intentionally.

The Bed in the Release section: This could be two things. Either you need to rest more and surrender the outcome of this intention over to something bigger than you (Goddess/God/The Universe). Or…. You need to take more focused action.

Because of the Dumbells being ‘central’ on this reading, I would say that it’s time for strong, clear action, ie release the bed/rest and take bold action.

Small Crown and Rabbit in the Focus section: Take your inner power and get clear on what new beginnings you want to create. Get very clear on your why.

Embellished Crown in the Nurture section: Nurture your Sovereignty that you express in the world. Ask for help, be clear on what you are responsible for and get support where needed.

The smaller, plain crown felt like the inner work. The embellished crown felt more like external energy.

The Palm Trees on the outer ring of Nurture: Stop daydreaming and waiting for the right time/location. Stop waiting for everything to be ‘right’ and take action.

Uplevel and Receive being empty – Know that you have everything you need and everything is as it should be.

The Map would suggest that you need to take slow and steady action. Build strong foundations and act from a place of power and clarity. You have everything you need, you just need to take clear and aligned action for you to manifest your intentions.