Expanding Your Collection

As you become more confident using your charms, you will no doubt be keen to expand your collection.

As you do, you can tailor your Charm Casting kit to fit your own personal interests and refine your questioning.

You might like to consider:


Perhaps you enjoy working with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

You could collect pieces that are made from, or represent, each of the elements.

Then when you ask your questions, you could include asking to be shown which element needs attention or is out of balance.

Or ask what element needs to be called upon to bring balance or support to the subject of your question.

If these charms were cast at the top of your casting area, this could be an imbalance in your mental processes, or your conscious processes, or this element was ‘missing’ and needed balancing.

If the charms were on the bottom of your casting area, these could be imbalances in your physical self, or your unconscious processes, or that this element was too ‘dominant’ and needed balancing.


If you are drawn to work with crystals, there are several ways that you could incorporate them into your readings.

  • You could assign an area of your life to particular crystals, so when they showed up in your reading, you knew that area of your life was asking for attention.
  • You could use their properties to be an indicator of what’s needed in relation to your question.


If you were interested in astrology, you could collect charms, or a dice, that had the astrological signs on them, or charms that represented each of the signs.

You could also use a die with numbers 1-12 on to represent the 12 houses.

In your readings, when the charms or die show up, this could represent areas in your life that needed attention.

You could use them to gain more insight into astrological transits in your chart, or the house that you are travelling through.

You could also use them to indicate times/dates in your life. For example if you wanted some insight into when something was going to start/end, and in your reading you cast Leo, you could interpret this as during Leo season; around August, or you could interpret it, as it will start/end when you become more ‘Leo’: proud, confident etc


You could add the seven chakra symbols to your Charm Casting set, and like the crystals, you could use them to identify which chakras need more attention, or are out of balance.

You could do this in a couple of ways.

  • You could interpret the chakra charms, as and when they are cast.
  • You could lay out the seven chakra charms, and then cast your charms on/around them, interpreting any charms around each chakra as it own reading.

To do this you may want to tape or tack down the seven chakra charms, so they don’t scatter around the place. Or you could interpret their new position as part of the reading. And notice where they move to as the area of imbalance.

For example: To the right, perhaps you’re being too rigid, or need more structure. To the left perhaps you need more structure, or need to be more creative.

You are only limited by your own imagination!