For Your Environment

One way to protect your environment is with rocks or crystals.

If you’re going to use rocks, the rocks can be from your local area or from your garden.

The rocks don’t have to ‘look’ a certain way. Just use ones that you’re drawn to.

You can place the rocks of crystals in each corner of a room, or the corners of your house.

If using crystals, choose ones that you’re drawn to. Or you can use these that are traditionally used for protection: 

Black tourmaline


Rose quartz

Clear Quartz

You can protect a specific room by to placing quartz points in the corner of the room, with the points facing out.

You can then cleanse your quartz by running it under cold water and then put the quarts back in your room with the points now facing ‘in’, to charge the room with positive energy.

Once the crystals are in place, don’t forget to clean the crystals regularly.


Another way you can protect the energy of your home, is to draw a rough sketch of the plan of your home on a piece of paper.

Then at each corner of your home/plan, place a piece of selenite, or simply write the word ‘selenite’.

You can then place your other crystals (even images of crystals or words), over the corresponding rooms and see how each room feels to you.