From Others

We all know people that can leave us feeling drained, this is the most effective exercise that I have come across to protect us from other people’s energies


The Violet Bubble

This only takes a few minutes to do, but can really make the difference!

Imagine yourself in a beautiful bubble of violet light

This bubble is your protection and will not burst

Just like a bubble the edges move around to keep you safe and enclosed

As anything that does not serve you comes towards you, it gently bounces off the outside of the bubble and is either returned to sender, or is transmuted into beautiful golden sparkles – you don’t have to worry about which, it is taken care of for you

As positive energies come towards you, your bubble receives them, and as they gently move through the your bubble, they are transmuted into beautiful golden sparkles that strengthen your aura and own personal energies

If you are meeting with people who drain your energy, you can add extra layers to your bubble

Imagine having a trowel of thick violet paint, now imagining trowelling on the paint all over your bubble – paying particular attention to the soles of your feet and to your back

The paint remains flexible, but firm

Violet paint is used as it’s the most effective colour for transmuting energies, but you could use other colours too:

  • Dark blue for protection
  • Red for more energy
  • Orange for creativity


The Hooded Cape

If you find yourself in a situation and you have forgotten to activate your Violet Bubble, you can just ‘pull on’ your Hooded Cape.

The cape is similar to the one worn by Red Riding Hood, except yours is a dark blue colour.

Imagine pulling on your hooded cape.

The cape reaches down to the floor, and the hood covers your head, and most of your face.

Once you have on your cape you are fully protected from external energies.