From Yourself

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite tools for protecting your energy, and that will support you from spiralling deeper into, or hanging out with, any negativity for too long.

We are going to look at protecting energies:

  • From yourself
  • From others
  • And in your home



When you find yourself being hard on yourself, or doubting yourself in any way, try these activities to shift the energy:


Ground Yourself

If you find yourself dwelling in thoughts of the past or feel anxious about the future, you need to reconnect with your body and become present.

You can do this by focusing on your breathing, getting into nature, wearing red socks (yes really!), or massaging your feet.


10 Things You Love

A quick way to shift your energy is to change your focus.

Write down 10 things that you are grateful for, 5 things you love about yourself, and the last thing that made you laugh.


The Power Pose

Changing how you hold your body, is one of the quickest ways to change how you feel.

Stand in the Power Pose for up to 1 minute, or as long as is comfortable

Stand up tall

Feet hip distance apart

Consciously make the space between your ears and your shoulders as much as possible, by lifting your head up

Raise both hands to the sky, and slightly away from your body

If you can’t hold this pose, or it’s uncomfortable, simply imagine yourself doing it.


Nurture Yourself

Make a date with yourself and go and do something that you would do for a friend who wasn’t feeling their best.


A Compliment Jar

Each time you receive a compliment, no matter how small, from yourself or another person, write it on a piece of paper and add it to your Compliment Jar.

Then when you need uplifting pull a random piece of paper out of the jar and receive your compliment.

You could even ask your closest friends and family to write a few out for you, don’t look at them, let them be a surprise in the future when you need them.

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