How Energy Affects You

I work extensively with crystals, oils, and essences, they are so easy to get hold of, and really easy to incorporate into your daily routine too.

In talks that I give, one of my favourite demonstrations that I like to do on stage gives a very real example of how the crystals, oils, and essences can support you.

I ask for someone to come on stage, and I do a muscle test on them, and the muscle tests ‘strong’, which shows me that it’s working properly and detecting no extra stress.

I then ask the audience (with the person’s permission!) to send a negative thought to the person, a thought of ‘I don’t like you’ is enough. And even though the thought is made up, and not even true, I test the person’s muscle again, and it’s now weak.

I then ask the audience to send lovely thoughts to the person on stage with me, and re-test the muscle and it’s strong again! (phew!)

I then have the person choose a crystal, essence, or oil, and have them hold it in their hand.

I ask the audience to think the negative thought again. This time when I re-test, their muscle, it remains strong, as the essence, oil, or crystal is shielding them, and keeping their energy strong.

You can use any crystal, essence, or oil that you want, you might carry a crystal in your pocket, dab a drop of oil on a tissue, or add some flower essence to your water, it doesn’t really matter, but having them in close proximity to you will strengthen your energy.

Whilst there are lots of options for you to choose from, and you need to trust your intuition in your choice (you can’t get it wrong), I’ll share with you some of my favourites…