How to Interpret the Messages

Once you’ve thrown your charms, first look at them as an overall pattern, and allow yourself to receive any messages.

  • Notice your first response to charms: feelings, emotions, sensations and maybe even memories.
  • Pay attention to any words or thoughts that enter your mind when looking at them.
  • What pattern have they created on the throwing surface?
  • Look for any symbols or repeating patterns in the charms.
  • Are there any clusters of charms, or charms on top of each other?
  • Are there any charms pointing in a certain direction?
  • Where are the charms in relation to the throwing surface; in the middle, at the edges, off the surface?

Let the charms tell you a story.

Look for any connections through the messages in the charms, what’s the overall scene they create and how does that relate to your question?

Just notice what you become aware of.

Your first response is the most accurate.

Once you have an overall feel for the charms, move your focus to the individual charms. What part of the message is each charm telling you?

  • Look at the charms, paying attention to their colours and texture.
  • Are there any words, what do they mean to you?
  • Are there any charms that are upside down?
  • Are any charms hiding/covering other charms?
  • Have any charms joined together

Allow your intuition to show you the deeper meaning.

Listen to your initial response to the charms, this is your intuition communicating with you.

Remember to trust your intuitive thoughts and give these the priority as an interpretation of your charms, even if they are different from the traditional meaning of the charms symbolism.

Most importantly have fun! The charms are a tool to help you access your own intuitive wisdom. You’ll get out of them whatever you put in.