How to Interpret When There’s No Guidebook

If you are used to working with oracle cards, you may also be used to looking to the guidebook to interpret the message within the card. As time goes by, you may find that you start to put your own unique twist on the cards’ meanings. But often people just draw a card and reflect on the guidebook.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that way of interpreting messages, I want you to take your relationship with your intuition to the next level.

Guidebooks can be a valuable source of wisdom, but how the cards/charms communicate with you is what’s important, not how they communicate with the author of the cards.

Without a guidebook the charms rely on the person throwing them to draw their own symbolism from the individual charms and how they’re positioned.

The SHEro Toolkit Charms may seem to be an exception to this, as they come with an optional guidebook. This is because the charms were curated to be a supplement to the Toolkit Oracle cards, which are also simple symbols just like the charms.

But I encourage you to ignore the guidebook. When you remove the guidebook, you are left to listen to your own intuition for the messages. You listen for what the symbolism means to you.

For example; the charm of a bee may mean community, hive mind or the sweetness of honey to one person. And to another it might mean ‘danger’ if they’re allergic to bee stings.

Neither of these interpretations is wrong, it’s exactly perfect for the person receiving the message. Their individual inner wisdom understands their experience of life, so it knows how best to communicate with them.

At first this may seem slow or frustrating, as we’re used to listening to other people, or deferring to the opinions of people we deem to have more knowledge than us (or referring to a guidebook).

But very quickly, the more you take the time to practice and listen with all of your senses, the messages will come through clearly and with great clarity.

You will become confident in hearing and interpreting the messages from your inner wisdom, and whilst it may sometimes be uncomfortable or not what you want to hear, you won’t be at odds with it like you might be with a guidebook, because you know your message to be true. And you’ll start to trust yourself and your wisdom again.