MAGIC: AMPLIFY Your Cauldron Energy

MAGIC: AMPLIFY Your Cauldron Energy

The Womb, is the female centre of power, I like to refer to it as your Creative Cauldron.

(Just a note: when I use the word ‘Womb’, I’m referring to the Womb with a capital ‘W’, your Womb energy, this is the seat of your female power, and is not dependent on the presence of a physical womb)

Instead of amplifying your power to create the life that you desire and achieve the golas you dream of, many people give this creative power away.

When you’re disconnected from your Womb space, your Creative Cauldron, that energetic space that connects you to your full potential, you also become disconnected from your own power.

When you’re disconnected from your own power one of the most damaging things that can happen is that you can lose your own sense of self, and quite literally forget the truth of who you really are.

You can lose touch with your own hopes, dreams and desires.

You lose the presence and power of your actions.

Intentions become harder to manifest and things take longer to achieve.

You lose connection to the fact that you are the magic, and you begin to look outside of yourself for the answers and doubt your own abilities. 

Feeling Disconnected

One of the main reasons that women become disconnected from their sense of power is that they are taught from a very young age that women are caregivers; loving, kind and nurturing. So it’s then expected that they should put the needs of others before themselves.

To do this, women end up suppressing their own thoughts needs and desires until they become numb to them.

They can be so busy putting everyone else’s needs before their own, that they can forget what truly lights them up, and this can leave them feeling frustrated, empty and resentful, and not even know why.

If you think about your Cauldron Womb space, it’s mainly an empty space that we don’t pay much attention to unless you’re pregnant or have your period.

And for that reason, I see many women using it like a ‘cupboard under the stairs’ or a spare drawer in the kitchen; a space where you put all the items that don’t really have any other place to go.

You have an emotion, you don’t know what to do with it, so it gets stuffed down into the Womb space.

Something happens, you don’t have time to process it, it gets stuffed down into your Creative Cauldron.

You have a shock or experience a trauma, it gets stuffed down into your Womb space so that you can continue with everyday life.

All the ‘junk’ ends up in Womb space and the pelvic girdle.

It’s like a convenient space that’s really handy just to store things in until you know what to do with them, yet we often forget to go back and empty it.

So, the emotions and unprocessed events stay there festering…

Festering and using your potent magic to contain and store your ‘junk’, rather than to transform and use your limitless potential to create what you truly desire.

The Archetypes and Your Creative Cauldron

There are many reasons that women can become disconnected from their power. Working with the SHEro Archetypes has revealed to me 8 main types of dis-harmony that prevent you from fully owning and claiming your mystical and magical power.

They’ve also shown me how the energy of your Womb space, your Creative Cauldron, also links to the 8 Earth festivals, the Sabbats.

Each SHEro can help you explore and restore balance to your magical creations, and these are the energies that we will explore in more depth together over the coming year.

Here’s an overview:

These 8 reasons are mirrored in the SHEro Archetypes and their associated Earth energy celebration/Sabbat.

  • Imbolc and The Innocent SHEro: The Individual Womb Energy
  • Spring Equinox and The Intuitive SHEro: The Sacred Womb Energy
  • Beltane and The Rebel SHEro: The Suppressed Womb Energy
  • Summer Solstice and The Passionate SHEro: The Expressive Womb Energy
  • Lammas and Creatrix SHEro: The Creatrix Womb Energy
  • Autumn Equinox and The Teacher SHEro: The Physical Womb Energy
  • Samhain and The Change-Maker SHEro: The Ancestral Womb Energy
  • Winter Solstice and The Wise-Woman SHEro: The Collective Womb Energy

Connecting with the SHEroes and the earth energy activates your Creative Cauldron so that you can clear, rebalance and rejuvenate the energies.

Bringing Awareness

For each of the SHEro Archetypes ask them the following questions:

  • Where am I blocking my Creative Cauldron energy that you relate to?
  • How can I connect with this energy more deeply to activate my magic?
Exploring the Cauldron Energies

Each of the SHEroes is associated with a Sabbat, an Earth festival, when her energy is at a peak. They are the following:


Imbolc and The Innocent

Your Individual Womb Energy

Freedom – Optimism – Trust

The individual womb energy reflects any energetic patterns or grief that is a result of any rejection you feel for yourself, any judgement you have towards yourself, or any lack of self-worth that you feel.

Any time that you dismiss your feelings, your experience or your intuition, you create dis-harmony in your Womb space.



Spring Equinox and The Intuitive SHEro

The Sacred Womb Energy

Awakening – Growth – Insight

A woman’s power is in her energetic Womb.

Any time you deny or suppress your own power you actively disempower yourself.

When you look to others for the answers because you don’t believe of trust yourself, or as a way of not having to take responsibility, when you turn a blind eye to something that you know is wrong, when you say ‘Yes’ to everyone but yourself, you drain your own source of power.

Each time you think that you can’t do something, or that you ‘should’ do something else. Each time you don’t follow your heart because you feel you’re expected to do something else, or make up an excuse not to start something you really desire, you continue to drain your own reserves.



Beltane and The Rebel SHEro

Your Suppressed Womb Energy

Wild – Sexuality – Expansion

And of course we’re dealing with womb energy so it wouldn’t be complete without working with the physical and energetic pain and grief caused by sexual trauma, from misuse or abuse.

As well as the collective grief from the use and misuse of women and girls in all of it forms.

The emotions of shame, guilt and blame around sex and sexuality can be suppressed and held in the womb.

Often these feelings can leave it hard for a woman to be intimate with herself and to connect with your body fully, leaving her feeling frustrated and ashamed.



Summer Solstice and The Passionate SHEro

Expressive Womb Energy

Passion – Desire – Fulfilment

The expressive energy of the Womb is a woman’s ability to take up space physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Women are taught to be quiet, to keep their emotions in check lest they be called ‘irrational’ or ‘high-maintenance’, and this can lead to a fear of expressing your own unique and vibrant power.

If you ever find yourself playing smaller than you know is possible for yourself, if you ever find yourself not expressing your true thoughts and feelings, or suppressing your emotions – especially anger, then know that your Expressive Womb energy is out of balance.



Lammas and The Creatrix SHEro

Creatrix Womb Energy

Creation – Self-Love – Connected

As you can imagine, Creatrix is literally about creating from your Womb space. That might be projects or ideas, or of course children.

If you ever find yourself sabotaging yourself, having great ideas, but not being able to birth them, this is for you. But also, it’s about the mother energy. You as a mother receiving and also receiving that mother energy.

It’s about your own children, it’s about birth. If you have any stories of trauma, mistrust, maybe your own mother was emotionally distant, maybe you felt emotionally distant to your own children. This is the energy for you.

The Creatrix also holds the energy of having babies, not having babies, losing babies; from having miscarriages, abortions or adoption.



Autumn Equinox and the Teacher SHEro

Internal Womb Energy

Knowledge – Trust – Inner-Knowing

The Internal Womb energy is all to do with the stress, intervention and the energetic trauma caused by symptoms of dis-ease that typically show up within the reproductive system and pelvic area.

If you’ve had to undergo medical procedures such as a hysterectomy or a C-section, or you’ve had/have cysts, or fibroids – which may or may not have had removed, you may be carrying dis-harmony here.



Samhain and The Change-Maker SHEro

Ancestral Womb Energy

Support – Confidence- Liberation

The ancestral energy that we carry through our mother line and is passed down through the DNA has a very significant effect on us.

This Sacred Pause will be of benefit to you when you keep repeating patterns that you can’t logically explain, yet you feel that you’re being held back by something bigger than your own experiences.

If you look at your the women in your mother line, and feel that they did not live the lives that they wanted, that they sacrificed and became resentful, or that they experienced trauma and grief in their lives, you’ll need to free yourself (and your family) from these energetic Blueprints.



Yule and The Wise Woman SHEro

The Collective Womb Energy

Wisdom – Sacred – Mystery

The collective womb energy is the energy you learn from society.

From the history you’re taught, events that shaped the world, fairytales, books, films and our surrounding culture.

You might have heard the term the ‘witch wound’ before, the unconscious understanding and experience that if you stand in our power, and if you speak your truth, you’re going to be persecuted, as so many millions have been before you, and that still are still today.


The Edge-Walker SHEro

As you walk this path on Your SHEro’s Journey, you are held in the spiral labyrinth of the Edge-walker who brings you what you need, when you need it. So although each Sabbat we will be working with a particular archetype, the Edge-Walker SHEro will bring you what you most need, even if it’s different from the chronological path.