MAGIC: MUSE the Mystical

MUSE the Mystical
Your magic resides deep within you.

The dark cavernous space of your body is how you connect to it.

I like to think of it as being in your energetic womb space – no physical womb needed! Your energetic space within, where you have the ability to create and birth your dreams and desires.

I call it your Creative Cauldron.

The dark space that holds all potential and possibility.

But rather than embrace this dark space for all it can create and connect you to, we’ve been taught that we should fear it.

We’ve been taught that no good can come from the darkness, and that we should avoid it, as its in the darkness that the monsters live.

The darkness, your darkness within, is wild and untamed.

It can’t be controlled.

And we’re taught that because it can’t be tamed or controlled, that it can’t be trusted.

So, in response to this, we do everything we can to stay in the light.

And yet…

The darkness holds the magic and mystery.

It’s the darkness of the womb space that holds the potential for growth.

It’s the darkness of the soil that holds, nourishes and nurtures the tiny seed, so that it can grow.

The tiny cells become the little baby, and the acorn becomes the mighty oak.

It’s the darkness of the night that holds us and restores us as we sleep.

It’s the darkness of closed eyes that allow us to daydream and savour the moment.

It’s from the darkness that we connect with our intuition, the whispers of our wisdom rising up trying to get our attention.

Yet this darkness isn’t trusted.

It’s feared, dismissed, pushed to one-side.

This darkness reflects the energy of a woman.

Deep, intuitive, wild and untamed.

Nourishing, nurturing, and with the ability to birth; to birth ideas, books, art, creativity, and in some cases children.

This wild darkness goes hand in hand with being a woman.

Yet in both cases their power can be feared.

They can be dismissed and pushed aside, told their wisdom is not to be trusted.

Yet as a woman our power is in the darkness.

And it’s by embracing this darkness, the source of your power and ability to create, that you can reconnect to the magic and mystery.

Reconnect to your magic and stop looking outside of yourself for it.

To reconnect and awaken the mystery and magic within, and know and really understand that you are the source of your magic.

It’s time to reclaim it!

Connect to Your Magical Container
Sit quietly and feel into your body.

Place your hands over your energetic womb-space, just below your belly button, and feel your power and magic bubbling within – perhaps it’s a gentle simmer or maybe it’s bubbling wildly.

Connect with this power and magic that resides within you.

The magic to create.

To create ideas, stories, art, and life.

Spend some time feeling into the darkness, as you reconnect to the power and potential of your magic.


Make a note of any sensation that you feel or information that you receive.

Reconnect with your energetic womb space, your Creative Cauldron, every day for 7 days, and pay attention to how the energy and connection changes over that time.