MAGIC: Reclaim The MAGIC


We’ve become disconnected to the mystical and magical ways of life.

We’ve been tricked into believing that the realms of the mystical and magical are for ‘other’ people, but not ourselves.

We’re told it’s for the ‘special’ people, of those born into an age-old lineage, or those with specific powers.

In days gone by people would dedicate their lives to understand the great mysteries.

They’d retreat from everyday life and choose a simple monastic life.

However, the world is changing.

A great shift, an awakening is occurring, and people are beginning to remember their magic.

They are beginning to remember that they are the magic.

That they hold magic within them.

You don’t need to retreat from life, or come from a particular lineage, you are the magic!

You have magic within you, all you have to do is remember.

I want you to remember that you bring the magic to everything you do and every tool you use.

You don’t have magic bestowed upon you.

You don’t earn magic.

You can’t buy magic.

You don’t access magic because you’re using a sacred tool such as oracle cards, runes, or a wand.

You bring the magic, because you are the magic.

The tools, rituals or ceremonies may help you to access your magic, but it’s always there inside of you.

Your magic is always present, you just need to dismantle any beliefs or experiences that have hidden or removed you away from this truth.

It’s time to remember that you are the magic.