Meridian Training

One of my favourite exercises to do to strengthen your energy is Meridian Tracing.

Meridians are energy pathways in the body, I like to think of them as tiny rivers running around the body, and just like rivers sometimes they can flood, experience a drought, or become polluted and full of rubbish, due to your experiences in life.

For many centuries, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine have studied and worked therapeutically with these energy channels.

The body’s vital energy flows continuously through these pathways.

There are fourteen meridians – 7 pairs.

Each one nourishes, maintains and supports a particular organ system, which then relates to emotions, and physiological and spiritual experiences.

If the flow of energy in any of the meridians is out of balance, either too strong or too weak, the systems supported by it are also disrupted.

Meridian Tracing strengthens the flow of energy running through the meridians, flushing out any stagnant energy, and restoring balance.

To complete this exercise, you trace the meridians with one finger or with several fingers held closely together.

Here’s a video to demonstrate the practise.

To start with it may take you a few minutes, but very quickly you will get into it’s rhythm and it will take very little time to do. I love to do this in the mornings.



If the video doesn’t work, you can view it on YouTube here

And I LOVE Donna Eden’s here