Moon Cycles

The Moon is a powerful ally to bring into your life and your magical workings.

She moves through her phases in a 29.5 day cycle.

Here’s an overview of the energy that each moon phase aligns with.


New Moon:

The Moon isn’t visible in the sky.

The energy is at the lowest of the moon cycle.

Dream – Plant your seeds

Best Time For: Connecting with your intuition – Planning new projects – Nurturing your creative side – Creating a vision board – Eating lightly – Resting – Dreaming

Feelings: Introspection – The lowest energy of the lunar cycle


First Quarter Moon:

The Moon is growing.

The energy is rising, and there’s a desire to take action and step out of your comfort zone.

Nurture your dream – Let it grow strong roots

Best Time For: Bringing new people into your life – Putting systems and structures in place to realise your dreams – Progressing projects you’re working on

Feelings: More engaged – A desire to get things in order


Full Moon:

The Moon is at her fullest in the sky.

The energy is at its peak, and you may feel called to celebrate and be with other people. 

Manifestation – Enjoy what flowers

Best Time For: Having a party – Completing tasks and projects – Working hard and playing hard – Creating something new

Feelings: Nurturing – Creative – Productive – The peak energy of the lunar cycle


Last Quarter Moon:

The Moon is disappearing from the sky.

The energy is waning, and your energy turns inwards.

Evaluate and Release – Compost what no longer works for you

Best Time For: Reflecting on the past – Releasing old patterns – Letting go – Detoxing – Decluttering

Feelings: Desire to clean and clear

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