POWER Review
Video Transcript


Hi, and welcome back.

Hopefully you have a much clearer idea of power, and what I want you to spend some time thinking about, exploring, witnessing and noticing in your own life, is that everything you do is an exchange of power.

The choices you make, the language you use, the fears that you have, the excuses that we make, the things that we move towards, everything is an exchange of power.

Some things empower you. They add to your sense of power.

Some things disempower you.

So notice every interaction, notice when you’ve made a choice, something as simple as the knickers that you’re wearing, we go back to the ‘Red Knicker Revolution’; How has your choice of underwear affected your power?

Has it empowered you?

Are they empowering knickers? Maybe they fit. Maybe they feel comfortable. Maybe they just look incredible on you. Maybe they’re really big and comfy. Maybe they’re really small and a little bit revealing. What did you make that choice? And how does it make you feel?

Now, if you pick up a pair of pants that were white, but that are now gray, maybe the elastics worn, and you put them on, I’m guessing that’s not going to feel very empowering…

But if you’ve just treated yourself to some brand new knickers and then you put them on, and they feel fantastic. They’re crisp and new, that’s more likely to feel more empowering.

So we always start with the knickers, something fairly inconsequential, a choice that we make everyday.

Then think about the food you eat, the people you spend your time with, the conversations you have, everything is an exchange of power.

Do you stand your ground?

Do you affirm your boundaries or do you compromise on your values?

Compromising your values, you can see how that’s an obvious loss of power, but where do you just silence yourself slightly?

Where do you step into a role?

Where do you become, who you think people want you to be?

Because that’s also giving away and disowning your power.

Whereas every time you make a stand, even if it’s uncomfortable, every time you do something that’s aligning with your life philosophy, aligning with your truth, that then empowers you.

So I want you to take away this analogy as you spend, the next week, just identifying where you lose power, where are your energy drains are, and where’s the energy vampires in your life, and also as you notice what builds your sense of self. What makes you feel empowered…

When I was 17 or 18 I left home. And the first flat I lived in had an electric meter, I’d never, never come across an electric meter before, but you used to put 50p in it to top up your electric.

So if your electric was getting low, you’d top it up with 50p’s.

I want you to think about this as your power.

So say for example, today you wake up and your electric meter has credit in there. Maybe, maybe there’s £20 in there.

Every choice you make, it’s either going to add 50p or take away a sum of money.

So if you’ve put on your knickers that make you feel amazing, maybe you’ve topped up £1. If you’ve then had an interaction with someone, you’ve bitten your tongue, you’ve curtailed to them, you feel frustrated and anxious inside. Well, you’ve just given, you’ve just given away £5. And then something else happens and maybe you’re topping yourself up.

You’re either adding to your electricity meter or you’re taking away.

There’s only a certain amount that you can take away.

So that ‘bad’ interaction, you had 20 pounds, you’ve taken away £5, you still have £15. You feel a bit pissed off, but you’re okay. And then something else happens. And maybe you take away another £5, you’re still feeling shit, but you still have £10 of credit.

Then something awful happens and you take out £20, you’re now in the negative, -£10. And now you’ll start to notice the effects unless you build yourself back up quickly.

If you think about our language today, our language of being ill, of being sick, it’s very much the language of power.

People are drained. They’re overwhelmed, they’re fried, they’re at the end of their tether, they’re burnt out.

The language we use tells us exactly how we’re feeling. And it’s usually depleted of energy; I’m exhausted. I just feel so dull, I can’t, I can’t put my finger on it, but I just feel flat.

It’s all the language of power of energy.

And so, when we keep giving away our power, even if it’s subconscious, even if it’s just habitual, we keep taking from our electricity meter and eventually we’re going to go negative. We’re going to have a lack of energy and our body, our feelings, our emotions are going to reflect that to us.

So, what I want us to do, is over the next few days, or the next few weeks, just notice where you’re topping up your meter and where you’re taking away from it.

At the end of the day ask yourself what is the balance of your energy meter? Do you feel incredible? Do your energies feel high? Are you lifted? Do you feel ready for bed; tired, but in a healthy way, or are you crawling to bed, absolutely exhausted. If you’re crawling to bed absolutely exhausted, is it because you’ve taken away from your electric/power meter throughout the day, more than you’ve given yourself?

So that’s, that’s your task, your homework , your challenge for the next few days. Just to notice where you give away your power.

You have a much better idea on your life philosophy. You have a much better idea on your power. So notice where you compromise those things. Go back to the SHEro Wheel and notice, where were you 10, which means you’re adding to your electricity meter. And where you are a 4, 5, or 6 which means every time you have an interaction in that area, you’re actually taking the energy away.

Because what we’re going to look at next is stories, those stories can cast spells over us. And we’re going to look at those SPELL’s and how we break free of them. And part of that will be the way the power shows up for us.

So I hope you enjoy that. And just be curious, this isn’t an exercise to berate yourself and go, “Oh no, I’ve done that again”. Just be like, “Oh, that’s curious that that’s how I respond”.

Because when we become aware, we start to break the pattern.

So I look forward to hearing how topped up your meters are, or how empty they are. We have to start somewhere. This is just getting a baseline. And once we have that awareness, then we can make different choices.

So see you again very soon. Bye.