POWER: OWN Your Gifts

OWN Your Gifts
Video Transcript


Are you ready to own your gifts?

But Rebecca, I don’t have any gifts….

Yes you do? You absolutely, certainly do!

There is only one of you, so there is only you that sees the world the way that you do.

Often we can’t deny our gifts. It’s true. We can forget we have them, we can suppress them. We can pretend we don’t know what they are because if we know what they are, it’s likely that we’ll have to make some changes.

But if we pretend we don’t know what they are, and say: ‘oh, I’m not gonna make those changes until I’m clear until I’m certain.‘ And we can use those patterns of confusion, and I say this because this is my default pattern of saying, ‘oh, I don’t know’, you know, there’s too many choices. I’m not really sure…. And we can use that almost as a habit, as a crutch so that we don’t have to take action until we have clarity.

So we tell ourselves that we’re going to do a bit more research and we’re going to do a few more courses and take a few more quizzes, to find out what my gifts are.

Do you know that I’ve done this myself …and actually your purpose, I believe. is to be yourself fully expressed.

So it’s less about finding a ‘job title’, which is what I had been looking for for years. When I find out my purpose, and it’s going to come to me like a job title, then I can do x, y and z.

When actually all I had to do was show up fully, as myself, and everything else falls into place. It’s like the job finds you. Of course there are roles in the world where you can express yourself more fully, but actually whatever your job, you can still show up in your truth and that truth is your gifts, the truth of who you are.

To OWN Your Gifts, it might be a skill, it might be a value, it may be a way of seeing the world, those are your gifts.

What is it that you do in the world, that actually you probably forget that you do, because it comes so easy to you. So what are, what are those things that other people ask you to do?

What are those things that people always ask you about?

Think about that for a moment.

What was the last favor somebody asked for you?

Was it something because you’re really organised?

Was it something because you’re really creative?

Are you amazing at baking cakes, or

Are you a whizz with a spreadsheet?

Do you know how to put up a tent?

Are you wonderful with Ikea furniture?


Where is your skill base?


And when you think about those things that other people are asking, there will be a pattern start to come out.

Maybe your problem solver. Maybe you’re a dab hand at Sudoku and puzzles.

Maybe you’re amazing at organising trips.


Just feel into that for a moment because when things become so natural for us we forget they’re a gift. And because it’s so easy for us, we assume everyone lives the same way that we do.

But they don’t.

Only you see the world your way.

What is that thing that someone asks you to help with?


And then the other way to look at this from the other side, is what do you say yes to?

What do you say yes to when someone asks for help or what do you volunteer for?

What does your hand go up first for? Because you say: Yeah, I can do that.

Think when was the last time you said ‘Yes’ to helping someone and it felt aligned to say yes. Not Strong armed into saying yes but: Yes, I can do that. I can help with that.

Is there anything starting to come to mind, if not over the next week or so, just notice. Notice what favours people ask of you.

Notice what you say yes to.

Notice what lights you up.

What are you excited about?

Whether it’s a hobby. It could be a TV show, a book, a film.

What is it?

What’s the topic you love?

Is it detective novels and you just love, so solving a mystery. Is it a romance? Because actually your heart and your emotions are your superpower.

What is that thing?

There’s more than one… Far more than one, and it can sometimes be a little bit shy to to own this.

This again, it’s why it’s a practice.

We practice saying;

Yes, I’m good at that. Yes, that’s my gift. That’s my power. That’s how I show up in world. This is what turns me on and lights me up, because those are your gifts to the world.

Gifts to yourself, your family, your community, the world at large.

So if you’re still stuck, and feel you still don’t know, there are journal prompts for you to work through.

With the journal prompts, you can go through them in order, one, two, three, four, five and work through all the way through them.

Or you can just pick one at random and answer that question.

You might do one a day, you might do one a week.

I do encourage you to do the journal prompts because like I shared under PRIORITISE, the journaling, the writing, gets us out of our intellectual mind of ‘what am I good at’, and stating: I didn’t do very well at school… But we’re not looking at education, because that’s a very different thing from your gifts and your skills. Something that you failed miserably at school, might actually have been a gift, you just had the wrong teacher or maybe school wasn’t your environment.

This is not about intellect, although intellect maybe a gift of yours. We are stepping out of the intellectual side right now. And then we are writing, she says waving her pencil, writing with pen and paper, ideally if you can,.

Typing on computers is okay, or even dictating to yourself on your phone. But getting out of you, and into your creative brain and something about writing does that, it switches the side of the brain that’s working.

Allow yourself to answer the journal prompt, even if you answer: ‘I don’t know’, it starts that process working.

So as always, just approach with curiosity:

I wonder what I am good at?

I wonder what my gifts are?

Oh, this journal prompt… I wonder what’s true for me?

And just give yourself the gift of time to find out what your own gifts are.


And then, I’ve created an oracle spread for you. Oracle spreads aren’t about predicting the future… I know it’s a shame, isn’t it?

The way that I’ve created this spread is that there’s a questions and you draw a card and yes, there’s divination and synchronistic messages in there for sure, we cannot deny that, but also it’s about tapping into that creative part of the brain to get you noticing the patterns and links. So if you’re like, oh, I didn’t really like journaling very much, use the oracle cards to prompt your thoughts.

You get creative, you start to see patterns. You start to notice: oh yeah, it says here that my gift to other people is holding space. Well actually yeah, I really do love having people around for dinner or you know, I really do love running this group or I really do love that, and it is about holding space isn’t it? And suddenly you understand, that is your gift. You hadn’t really thought about holding space as throwing parties and arranging holidays or having people come over just just for a coffee. And you know, people always offload all their problems to you. You just hadn’t noticed that was a gift. But yes, you were holding space for them.

So just draw the cards and notice the patterns.

Be Curious.

Write down your first thoughts, put them to one side.

Come back 24 hours later and see if anything else is revealing itself to you.

And if you don’t have oracle cards at home, just Google free oracle spreads and there’s lots of websites out there that will actually just draw you cards. If you intend that this card that comes up next is the guidance for this question, that is as good as having your own cards.

I like having my own cards because I like to play. But you know, if you don’t have any cards, don’t think you can’t do this exercise, because absolutely you can.


And then of course there’s the meditation: ‘I confidently own my gifts’. So take a moment to feel into that.

How would your life be different when you confidently own your gifts?

Now part of you might be like, oh, that’s really exciting. And part of it might be a little bit nervous. So any of that energy, any of that fear, and the of that hiding energy is just going to be gently released so that you can step into and confidently OWN Your Gifts and be like, yes, that is what I’m good at!

The meditation comes in two parts. The energy clearing, around the phrase ‘I confidently own my gifts’, followed by the essence. And Actually what I didn’t mention in the last video, is that the music has been specially composed for us. The music is the frequency of the Chakra that OWNing Your Gifts is related to, and that’s the sacral Chakra. The Chakra of creating your gifts and sharing them with the world. Like birthing your gifts into being. And that’s one of the gifts of being a woman. We have that capacity to birth things. You know, for some people that might be children, for other people might be art or poetry or ideas, concepts, whatever it is, we can hold that energy and it percolates and then we can birth that. So you confidently OWN Your gifts of, of creation, of what it means to be a woman. So how does that sound?


And then once again, there’s also the the coloring sheets to get you out of that logical mind again and just dreaming ‘what are my gifts?’ ‘What is it that I give?’ ‘What do I give to the world?’ ‘What do people ask me, how do I show up?’ And you’re just doodling and coloring away, and then you’re just having the pieces come together.

Because the one thing our mind doesn’t like, is open loops. You might’ve experienced this before. Before the days of smartphones. If you’re that old lol… You’d ask; oh my gosh, that actor, what have I seen them in before? And you’d sit there wondering, with no smartphones to check on. And then three days later you’d say: oh, Four Weddings and a Funeral, of course that’s where I’d seen them before! And although you’d completely forgotten you had been wondering that, it was a conversation from days ago, the brain is still seeking the answers for you.

So, you ask: What are my gifts? And you’re curious and you’re open. The answer will come to you. It might not be this very second. It might even be a couple of days, even a couple of weeks, but just be open to receive the answer.

Okay? Have fun diving in and come and share your gifts with us.

Let us know what’s coming up for you.

I can’t wait to hear. Bye.


Uncovering Your Gifts

People often tell me that they have no idea what their gifts are, and in most cases I have to say that is rubbish!

We often deny, or ignore, our gifts because:

  • They are soooo easy for us, we forget others can’t do them as easily
  • We play out old woundings of not being good enough, or thinking we have less value or worth than other people
  • When other people pay us a compliment about something we’ve done well, we dismiss it as nothing

An easy way to see what others value in us, is to pay attention so what they ask us to help them with – maybe it’s on a certain topic, or skill. Perhaps it’s part of your personality such as peacemaker, nurturer, or being organised, or maybe it’s more of a skill that you’ve developed over the years such as languages, cooking, or mechanics.

Over the next couple of weeks, pay particular attention to what people have come to you about.

The other way to quickly identify where you acknowledge your own gifts, is to see how you respond to opportunities that come your way.

What do you say ‘Yes’ to, and which do you turn down.

These are both valuable indicators, to what you think you can do with your gifts.

Uncovering More of Your Gifts

Here are some journal prompts for you to explore, as you uncover more of your Gifts:

  • What do you wish others knew about you?
  • Which word best describes your personality?
  • If your body could talk, what would it say?
  • Use 10 words to describe yourself.
  • When was the last time you tried something new?
  • What inspires you?
  • When was the last time that you were proud of yourself?
  • What was the biggest change you initiated in the last 5 years?
  • Forget your real age for a moment… Now tell yourself how old you are.
  • What stops you from taking your first steps towards your dreams?
  • Which three people have had the biggest influence on you, did they deserve to?
  • What do you need to hear?
  • What do you want to tell others?
  • Is any part of your life ‘on hold’?
  • What could you do for hours and hours and not get bored?
  • What activity do you do, where time passes by unreasonably quickly?
  • What do you know to be true?
  • What would you like to be remembered for?
  • What do people most often ask your advice on?

What themes are beginning to show up for you?

Energy Clearing Meditation - I Confidently Own My Gifts
Gaining Some Intuitive Insight

To gain a more intuitive understanding of your gifts, I have created an oracle spread for you to try.

Take a few centring breathes.

Focus on the question as you shuffle your cards.

Lay out the cards as shown in the picture below.

Meditate on the answers – what messages come up for you.


 POWER Own Your Gifts Oracle Spread