POWER: RELEASE and Surrender

RELEASE and Surrender
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Welcome to the final module of our POWER course.

How are you feeling?

‘R’; Release and Surrender.

You’ve done all the work, you’ve prioritised what’s important to you.

You’ve started to dream again.

You started to own your gifts, you’re recognizing your worth, you’re embodying your truth, but now it’s time to surrender, and this is an essential part of the process to trust, to allow the universe to meet us halfway.

We live in a world that values doing, doing, doing, striving, and achieving, we think the world goes from A to B and, it goes in a straight line, and it’s not how we work.

You just have to look around at nature and we know it goes round and round, spiralling, spiralling, spiralling and getting deeper and deeper and deeper. We need to value being and brewing more than we do, doing and achieving.

Now of course there’s the balance.

There’s always the doing, and it has to be followed by the rest. The moon cycle shows us this the most beautifully; from the new moon of darkness, right up to the full moon. And then the energy of release again.

We have new moon, growth action, doing, big celebration at the full moon, and then release, release, release. And then growing, growing, growing again, party time at full moon release, release, release, review.

That’s the spiral path.

That’s what we need to recognise.

So yes, you have to take action. There’s no good going ‘oh yeah, I want this in my life. I’m just going to sit on the couch and wait for it to be delivered’. That may happen… I don’t want doubt the magic, but the chances are you will have to take some action. Actually, there’s a beautiful story I want to share about this.

Ray Mears, survival specialist, is an amazing guy. If you ever get lost in the forest, you want him with you, he looks like, like Mr Joe Average, but he’s incredible.

He was on a radio show once and someone phoned in and said ‘I’m going to the jungle. How do I get the most out of the jungle?’ And the caller’s thinking; What do I have to do? Where should I be? What do I need, what do I need to do, do, do, do?

And Ray Mears says; just said walk into the jungle and stop.

So of course we’ve got to get there. The jungle is generally not going to come to our couch.

You go into the jungle, and then he said; stop and wait for the jungle to come to you.

I just thought, what an amazing analogy for life, because of course if you’re stomping through the jungle, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, all the animals are running away.

They’re like, oh my God, a human, run!

But if you stop, they become curious, and the jungle comes out to you. And I just thought that was beautiful.

So when we have that sacred pause, it’s where the magic happens. It’s like breathing. We breathe in, we pause, and then we exhale.

Everything in life is that constant contraction, expansion, expansion, contraction, expansion, contraction,; the seasons, the Moon Cycle.

If you’ve ever walked a labyrinth, you know, you start at the edge of the labyrinth with a question and then you walk in, spiral into the centre of the labyrinth, releasing all of those old beliefs, all of those doubts. And then you pause in the centre, it’s always about the release and the surrender, the pausing. And as you pause in the centre, you assimilate, you integrate, and then you come back out. As you walk back out of the labyrinth, you walk back out in new person with new beliefs, new ideas.

It’s the same, this energy of releasing and surrender. You do the work and then you pause and then you’re letting go. You’re letting go and surrendering the outcome and we’re tapping back into that energy of trust.

How much magic and synchronicity are you prepared to receive?

What I would recommend you do, is over the next 30 days, keep a journal or in the back of your journal, write down any kind of magical, synchronistic events, whether you’re just like, was that a chance encounter? Write it down. Perhaps it was a happy accident. Maybe you call it a coincidence, write it down. Perhaps you made an exciting discovery. Maybe you had an idea and inspiration. Maybe it was just an observation. You’ve seen something differently. Write them all down and start to become curious. What could this mean?

Daydream and look at the clouds or the branches of a tree or the cutlery in your drawer, and look for any signs. Listen to the words of a song. And notice if any jump out at you, whether you hear a particular song repeatedly and think, oh, maybe that’s a message.

This section is all about releasing and becoming even more curious than you already are.

How much magic are you willing to receive?

So again, as always, this is probably the most fun, but because it’s not doing, doing, doing, people are also resistant because they think, oh no, I want to do something.

If you want to do something, start the journal, listen to the meditation and do the Mandalas. We’re just building on that energy of stepping into the creative side of the brain with the Mandalas.

Ask yourself; How much magic have I had in my life today, and then colour, colour, colour, let that come out, and this time the meditation, the phrase is; I release the need to control the outcome.

How much do you like to keep control of your life?

Maybe you don’t. You’re like, nope, want to give control to everybody else.

But maybe it’s uncomfortable for you to release the outcome.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t make vision boards.

I wrote post once about why I burnt my vision board and a lot of people weren’t happy with me, but I came to the conclusion when I create a vision board, it was like, I want this, I want this, I want this, I want this, and actually who am I to know?

I can only make the decisions of what I want and desire from my own limited experience. When actually, maybe there’s something much better out there for me, but if I’m going through life saying I want a particular and I’m really focused and channelled on that one thing, I miss all of the magic that’s around me, and that actually perhaps I would prefer something over here, but I didn’t know because I wasn’t open to it .

This is the energy of release and surrender; asking, how can I show up more fully? Where are the opportunities that I can express myself more freely? Maybe it’s a new relationship, maybe it’s new job, maybe it’s a new hobby. Maybe it’s meeting new friends.

It’s being open to the inspiration. Maybe you feel called to visit a particular coffee shop and you notice dance classes and you’re like, oh my God, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Maybe you just happened to be scrolling through Facebook…. This happened to me actually… It’s a funny story. It’s a bit of a rainy day, it’s hardly surprising I live in England, on the borders of Wales lol… I don’t like walking in the rain. Really, I’m a bit of a fair weather a walker these days…

There’s a waterfall just down the road from me and I kept getting this call to go to the waterfall, and I was like, oh, it’s a bit rainy though. But then I thought, okay, I’ll go to the waterfall. I put my raincoat on, and off I went.

And as I walked into the waterfall, it is beautiful. I was expecting the clouds to part and fairies and angels to arrive, saying ‘this is the message we have for you, Rebecca, this is why you’ve been called here today’.

But nothing like that happened.

And I went home and I thought; that’s a bit disappointing. I was expecting something dramatic because the pull had been so strong, and I trusted, I was like, I want this message. What is going on?

I came home and I felt good for having gone out.

I lay on the couch and I started scrolling through Facebook. I came across an event and I though; this is what I’ve been looking for. This person is offering exactly what I wanted. It was a deeper nature connection and I realised; Oh, this is why I had to go for a walk. Because had I not gone for a walk, I would’ve gone straight onto my computer, answering emails, creating stuff, getting busy, busy, busy. And I wouldn’t have been scrolling randomly on Facebook. I wouldn’t have found this message and I wouldn’t have then started this whole amazing relationship with this woman. And now we’ve done pilgrimages on the land together, we’ve co-hosted retreat day workshops together.

We’ve created a lot of magic together and it just wouldn’t have happened had I not trusted and listened to the Call.

I mean, of course, maybe I would’ve found her later on, but it felt really significant to me that I had to go and do something. And it’s interesting that I have to go visit the land, when we ended up doing a lot of the land based work together.

So just trust yourself.

Trust those divine moments.

Trust those things that don’t really make sense, because the more you trust, the more you listen. Guess what? The more your life is filled with them.

So this is about releasing, releasing, and surrendering to the things we can’t control. It’s almost like surrendering to the darkness.

We’re taught to fear the darkness; it’s where the monsters live. And yes, of course, you know, this isn’t about not being sensible, but actually as women we own the darkness, not as in the darkness is a bad place, because it’s not.

If you think about the darkness, it’s where we nourish and nurture. You plant a seed, it has to be in the darkness so that it can start to grow.

When we’re poorly, when with sleep, we’re in the darkness.

When we kiss someone we close our eyes because we surrender to the darkness, to the magic and to the mystery.

The darkness is a really beautiful, rich place. A place of intuition as a place of a woman’s power. If you think of the energetic womb space, whether you have a womb or not, it’s the darkness, it’s where we hold, it’s where we nurture. And this is what the energy of release and surrender is.

We’re told that it’s evil, that it’s bad, that it’s something to be avoided at all costs. And of course when we do that, we deny our own power as a woman.

This particular part of releasing and surrender is claiming back that power of the darkness, of the magic and the mystery.

So how does that sound?

‘I release the need to control the outcome’, because when we do that, we can step into the magic.

Do let me know about the magic and the mystery, is it easy for you?

What magic and mystery has been coming up?

And this is how we end our POWER course, with releasing and surrendering.

So I hope that you have enjoyed the five-step process.

Come back to this time and time again. Just like the SACRED practice, they are practices. We repeat them. We become stronger. We become more confident. We start to trust ourselves.

Go through the five-steps over and over again, because each time you do it, each time you’re like, oh, what are my dreams?

Refresh the process. Back to what are my dreams? You get a bit more confident, feel a bit more ready to own yourself, to take up more space. And every time, remember we cycle round and around we go, repeating, revisiting, becoming more confident, spiralling deeper.

So yes, this is the final lesson, but actually this is just the beginning of your journey because you get to go back round again, and start over, not right now, you might want it a couple of weeks or a couple of months, or maybe even a year. But this program is always here for you to come back to, to go back and start again, to prioritise yourself, to remind yourself of your priorities, to own your gifts, to remember that your worth is inherent, to embody the truth of all that you are, and then to release and surrender to the magic.

So thank you so much for joining me. And really from my heart thank you for creating the world that I want to live in; a world where women do reclaim their power because when you do this, you give other people permission to do the same.

They’re like, oh, that woman, oh my goodness, you really inspired me, the way that she defined her boundaries, the way that she went after her gifts, the way she went after her dreams. You never know who’s watching, who you’re inspiring. They might not come up and show you that they were inspired by you, but the chances are you are inspiring them. So, thank you for helping me to create the world I want to live in.


A Different Way of Being

Not everything is up to you, or under your control.

Sometimes it’s about meeting the universe halfway and trusting.

And other times it’s about simply stopping and being still.

In our society that values ‘doing and achieving’, over ‘being and brewing’ it can be hard to stop, rest, and surrender.

We can feel guilty for not pushing forward and doing more, not working harder and accumulating more.

But it is in the surrendered moments, within this pause, that we learn, that we assimilate, that we allow all of our lessons and experiences to merge together and brew into something even more magical than the sum of the parts that went in.

Life is much like breathing.

You are active during the ‘inhale’, the receiving of information, you surrender to the pause and allow the assimilation and magic to happen, before you ‘exhale’ bringing completion before you and move on to your next ‘thing’, or continue to breathe.

Just like breathing, your life events and activities need all three parts too!

Breathe in – Pause and Surrender – Breathe out

What can you feel in the sacred pause and surrender of your breathing – this is where you feel the most connection.

Don’t be misled, the act of surrender doesn’t mean doing nothing and forgetting or ignoring your learnings, but it means gently nurturing and giving yourself the space to percolate your magic into your own special type of brew.

Just as from above the soil the seed can be seen doing nothing, sure enough, given the right nurturing, time and space, it will burst through the soil to begin its new life, for everyone to see!


Magic and Synchronicities

Over the next month, make a special effort to stop striving and release the need to control the outcome, so that you can allow things to come to you.

A few months ago I was listening to a radio interview with Ray Mears (an amazing adventurer). Someone had phoned in to the show, and asked him how to get the most out of their upcoming trip to the rainforests of Borneo, and I LOVED his response.

He said:

“Stop, just stop and look up. Let everything come to you.”

It really made me think.

How would your life be different if you stopped, looked up (changed perspective), and allowed things to come to you?

We can spend so much time striving and moving forward, but what would happen if you did stop?

Would you notice more of the hidden gems, including the unexpected treasures, if you got still and allowed them to reveal themselves to you, instead of being on a quest to look for, or achieve, a particular thing?

As you slow down and make a conscious effort to release and surrender, make a note of the magic and synchronicities that you experience, you could consider the following:

  • Was it a chance encounter
  • A happy accident
  • A coincidence
  • A discovery
  • An idea
  • An observation
  • What could it mean

You could also rate each experience on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is unexpected, and 10 is unbelievable!

How much magic are you willing to receive into your life?



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