People often talk about ‘owning your power’, or ‘standing in your power’ but how do you actually do that?

As you claim more of your Witch-self understanding your own sense of power becomes even more important.

In this section you’re going to explore you own relationship with power. Then discover how you can reset this relationship as you reclaim your own inner power and learn to wield and weave it in the world.

We’ll start with a simple 5-step plan to show you how you can own, name, claim and activate your Witch POWER.

Your Witch P.O.W.E.R. is all about you being able to:

  • OWN Your Gifts
  • Remember That Your WORTH is Inherent
  • EMBODY Your Truth
  • RELEASE and Surrender

Are you ready?



Hi, I’m Rebecca Anuwen, and I’m delighted that you are here and saying yes to reconnecting and reclaiming your power, so that you can get clear on what you want, how you want to feel, and what your values are.

Really getting clear on the core essence of you, so that you can show up in your power live a life of conscious creation, rather than, than life that you feel is expected of you rather than living a life where you feel other people’s expectations, values, fears, are projected onto you.

This is about cutting through all of that and reclaiming and getting clear on what is right for you. How you live an aligned life so that it feels a full of flow, joy, ease, deep connection, so you can make those decisions from a place of power and confidence.

So, what we have for you is a five step program.

Actually, it’s quite funny about how this came about…

I’ve been, um, practicing kinesiologist since 2000. And my story was that I got into kinesiology because I suddenly developed really severe Eczema at the age of 20. And since then, actually I’ve never seen Eczema like it, but it was really quite bad.

Back then, I went to see a kinesiologist. It cleared up and I was like, wow, that weird thing works. I have to go learn how to do that…

Very short story. But what I found was because people knew that my Eczema had got cleared up. I had a lot of people come to me with Eczema, with IBS, with allergies and the, the women, usually women would come to me and they’d be like, oh, I know you can test for allergies. Can you see what I’m allergic to?

Thinking it was like, you know, wheat or sugar, so that I can clear up my eczema or I can clear up my IBS.

And about 95% of the time it was nothing to do with foods. It was nothing to do with allergies. And it would almost be easier if it was, but what I found was these women had shut part of themselves off.

They had said no to themselves.

At some point they had forgotten their dreams and their desires because they had put everyone else first. They put the needs of the family first, they’d put the needs of their first. So they were lots of roles; you know, the wife, the lover, the daughter, the career woman, the taxi driver for the children, whatever it was. But they weren’t themselves.

And so what was happening was on the outside, these women looked like they had everything, you know, maybe they had the house, the career, the family, the car, the holidays.

But inside part of them was dying. They weren’t happy and they weren’t happy and felt guilty for not feeling happy, because on the surface they had everything. But they had this feeling of emptiness.

They knew something just wasn’t right and they had this little whisper telling them were meant for something more, something different. And yet they would dismiss it and just carry on with the routine. And the days turned into months, turned into years of feeling unhappy.

And so we’d work on this, we’d clear the issues and people would connect deeply with themselves again. And so I’d been doing that for 20 years now. And then fairly recently, probably about three years ago, I was chatting to a friend and I just said: I wish there was a five step program for people to reconnect with their power. And my friend replied: well, that sounds divinely inspired. I think you have to create it now.

The chances are you’ve already done my SACRED practice, SACRED being an acronym. I love acronyms. I probably have eight in my business. It’s something really easy to anchor and memorable. And I was like, oh my goodness, a five-step program, POWER, five steps. And it just went clink, clink. clink as it download and fell into place.

And so for the past three or four years, I’ve been teaching, teaching this process to all of my clients. And it’s phenomenal. It’s super simple.

So it’s a five-step program. You can take a week for each step. You can take as long as you like, or if you’re like me, you’re like, oh, I’m just going to do it all straight away and just see what comes in.

But part of the process, the part of this process that’s really important is the integration.

So questions are posed and it might not be like, oh, and I know the answer right now. It might be that you have to just settle into it, wait to find the answer, wait to be inspired, wait for the right moment. So this isn’t a process that can be rushed.

It’s very deep, it’s a very nurturing process. So, hold yourself gently and be open for the unexpected.

Be Open for things that you’re like, oh my goodness, how did I miss that pattern? Because quite often other people can see in us what we can’t.

So just to summarise the five steps, let’s say you might want to take five weeks to do this, or five months, I wouldn’t suggest five years. That might be a bit too long. So POWER, the acronym, we start off with PRIORITISING You. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore everyone else or that no-one ever matters ever again… Because of course not.

But it’s about prioritising you and getting clear on who you are and what’s important to you and how you can show up more fully in the truth of who you are.

We then move onto OWNing Your Gifts, as quite often the things that are the easiest we don’t even see. So this is like shining a spotlight on your gifts and if you don’t think you have any, I promise you, you do. And I have some really exciting tools to help you pull those forward so that they become in your conscious reality.

We then move onto ‘W’ of knowing that your WORTH is Inherent. You get to own your power. You don’t have to be a good girl, you don’t have to follow this process to know that you’re worthy. It’s just there, it just is. That week or that that section is all about reminding you of your WORTH.

We then look at ways to EMBODY Your Truth so you can show up fuller, more confident, stronger in the truth of who you are.

And the final week is about RELEASING and Surrendering, it’s about getting clear on who you’re becoming and then letting go of the outcome, knowing that it’s not all up to us.

To help you do this, obviously there’s exercises to work through, there’s journal prompts, things for you to think about.

What’s also really special about this, is that for each stage there is an energy clearing meditation. So if you’re like: Rebecca, I just don’t know what my gifts are. I just don’t think I have any… There’s an energy clearing meditation specifically designed to help you remove any fears, any judgements, any expectations, any shame, whatever it is you might be holding that keeps you disconnected from your truth.

So that energy clearing meditation only 12 minutes long, and you can listen to it as many times as you want, helps to remove all of that stuff that’s preventing you from owning yourself fully.

So for each of the five steps, there’s a meditation, an energy clearing meditation to remove that, so you can connect more fully to the area that we’re working on.

And also there’s some colouring sheets. So you can just step out of your analytical mindset out of the world of intellect and just colour and doodle, and that these are mandalas that have been created specifically with the intention that as you colour them, draw them, do whatever you do with them, it helps to activate and connect you to the piece that you’re working on.

And if you’d like a little bit of divination, there’s also an oracle spread for you to know how to connect with your POWER.

So I think we have everything covered there for a really holistic, fun, deep dive into you owning your power.

So are you ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Feeling Connected

As you embark on The ART of Being a Witch, and begin to remember, reclaim, and practice owning your P.O.W.E.R., know that you build upon, and are supported by, the very essence of your feminine power, your Magical Super Powers.

These Super Powers are tuned in to the ebb and flow, that has been quietly calling to you, your whole life.

You’ve witnessed this cycle in the changing of the seasons, in the way in which day turns to night, and back to day again.

You’ve felt this ebb and flow within your own body, your energy changing throughout the month as you’ve experienced your own menstrual cycle.

Your Magical Super Powers are your greatest assets to healing your soul, mind and body, and to expanding your joy and feelings of fulfilment, month after month.

The Magical Super Powers are led by the moon.

The moon moves the ocean tides and stirs our emotions throughout the month.

Yet, we mostly respond to life on autopilot and are not consciously aware of the sacred rhythms pulsating the universe into being each and every moment.

By bringing our awareness to these cycles, brings you into direct connection with your inner Divine Feminine so you can step off of the merry-go-round of ordinary life, and claim your Super Powers.

Each phase of the moon corresponds to a collective and personal lunar cycle that emphasises aspects of yourself to focus on throughout a 30-day period.

New Moon – Intuitive Insights

Waxing Moon – Courage and Motivation

Full Moon – Strength, Power and Self Expression

Waning Moon – Reflection, Evaluation and Clearing out what no longer serves you.

When you slow down and become present, breathe and focus on the Super Power that is called for in the moment, all sorts of amazing things start to fall into place.

When you tap into your magical nature and the fortifying cycles of life, anything is possible.

In a world that spends so much time, energy and resources trying to control everything, to create certainty and avoid change, embracing anything that is wild, untamed and unpredictable is an act of rebellion.

Doesn’t it sound delicious to be unapologetically YOU? Completely flawsome (meaning “awesome with all of your flaws”) and loving each moment?

Can you imagine how much more exciting our world could be with all of us being true to our own raw and powerful natures?

When you stop fighting against your own natural rhythms, you have so much more energy left to experiment with fresh ideas.

You have the space to LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION and trust your instincts, instead of doubting them.

You have more time to CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE PASSIONS and the things you believe in.

You can make CHOICES BASED ON YOUR OWN DESIRES, not those the world has tried to push on you.

You TRUST AND OWN YOUR POWER, rather than feeling afraid of it.

You are meant to be the Witch of your own life, a magical being, living a miraculous life of your own design.

The Witch P.O.W.E.R course has been designed to help you remember your brilliance, to embrace opportunities, and face challenges with courage, whilst being able to find clarity in your true desires.

This course will illuminate the way back home to your true self.


November 2020 Class