How are you getting on?

Are you starting to connect with your intuition more, or at least become aware of the different ways that your body communicates with you?

It can feel overwhelming at first. But, as I’ve said before, this is a practice. And with practice everything becomes easier.

I often think about when I first learnt to drive a car (a manual one). To start with, trying to find the gears was clunky. I’d look to see where the gear stick was. I’d have to consciously remember where the indicator was, to make sure I didn’t turn the windscreen wipers on by mistake….

But very quickly, it all became very normal, and I didn’t need to look for where things were. I just knew.

The same is true with your intuition.

At first, it might seem clunky and considered. But very quickly, you just know.

To help you step into the energy of ‘just knowing’, it’s important to fill yourself up with your essence, so that you know what’s yours, and what’s not. What feelings, dreams and desires are yours, and what have you ‘absorbed’ from the people and world around you?

Being a British woman, I love to say the following (as it’s most definitely not what most of us have been taught here in the UK):


No doubt some of the people who read that reacted and judged it.

Of course they did.

We’re conditioned to:

  • in the UK, Not get too big for our boots
  • in the US, not to get too big for your britches
  • in Australia, not have tall poppy syndrome,

No doubt every country has something similar.

All of these sayings and beliefs are there to encourage people to play small, be accommodating, and be selfless.


Selfless is made to sound virtuous… But really, ‘self-less’?

Why on earth is it celebrated to be without your self?

When surely it’s the very act of being your-self – your whole self – that makes you the incredible person that you are. The incredible, fully-expressed person you have the potential to be.

Now, being full of yourself, doesn’t mean that you become a horrible person and never care about anyone ever again.

But it does mean that you become discerning about your own needs, and how you use your time, energy and resources.

It does mean that you get used to prioritising your needs over the needs and comfort, of other people.

Of course, there will be compromises, and cases where you do put others first. But these become the conscious choices, the exceptions, and not the expectation.

Another reason it’s soooo important to be FULL OF YOURSELF relates to an energetic perspective.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years working with the energy therapy, kinesiology.

I’ve worked with thousands and thousands of clients – mainly women.

And, without question, there’s a pattern.

The women who don’t believe in themselves, don’t trust themselves or don’t know what they truly want from life…

Those women who have lost connection with their dreams, desires…

The women who feel disconnected from their inner power….

Are women who aren’t full of their own essence.

And when you’re not full of your own essence, you become full of other people’s judgments and expectations.

And yes, that’s as horrid as it sounds!

When you aren’t full of your own hopes and dreams, there’s space in your body and energy, for you to hold the judgements and expectations of others.

This then muddies the waters of what you do want, as it gets blurred by the energy and desires of other people.

If you’ve ever made a decision and then ended up doubting yourself and not taking action, your own clarity has been muddied by the energy of other people.

For you to be focused, aligned, and on-purpose, and for you to be able to hear your intuition with clarity and confidence, it’s essential that you become full of yourself.

And not a shell of a person, trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations.

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