Recording Your Insights

It can be useful to keep a record of your readings. This practice allows you to look back and see any patterns that are showing up for you. It also helps you to get a broader idea of the themes showing up in your life, and of how the charms speak to you.

Plus, it will help you to deepen your experience with your charms. It can even help you to become more aware of the messages your charms have for you, and how those messages show up in your life.

You may want to keep a note of the following:

  • The time and date of the reading
  • How you felt before the reading
  • The question or guidance that you were after
  • The messages you received
  • Your intuitive insight
  • The overall guidance from traditional symbolism
  • Anything that caught your attention more than usual
  • Any patterns or pairings of charms that caught your attention