ROOT Into Your Wisdom


As you adventure on this journey of ALIGNment, an essential part of the journey is to remember who you were before the world told you who you should be.

By ROOTing into Your Wisdom, allows you to bypass self-doubt, self-criticism, and the ‘Should I/shouldn’t I?’ energy. Stand tall and firm as you make powerful decisions with confidence, knowing that they align with you a your unique blend of magic.

When you’ve completed this course, you can use your ROOT Essence to guide your Life Philosophy in the next step of this course.



Hi, I’m Rebecca Anuwen and I’m delighted that you’re joining me for this short course ROOT into Your Own Wisdom.

There’s two things, that if you know me, you’ll know that I love trees and that I love an acronym. So what could be more perfect then using two of my favourite things in this one course.

So let’s start with acronyms. We’re starting with ROOT.

This is a four-step process that’s going to take you deep into ROOTing into your truth.

Why ROOTing?

Well, that brings me onto my love of trees.

ROOTing is so important because we need to be able to build really strong foundations. If you think of a tree, particularly something like an oak tree, you look at them and they can grow enormous, but what we don’t see is what’s going on underneath the soil. What we don’t see is that then root network is twice as big as the canopy, so that it can hold itself strong.

So that come the storms and the winds and the kids climbing the trees and whatever else happens around trees that it can stand in it’s space. It can stand strong and tall and continue to grow and support everything that it looks after from the fruits and the acorns and the squirrels and the badgers and the foxes and the entire ecosystem that goes on within a tree.

And it’s the same for us. For us to be able to support ourselves, our own ecosystem of all of the different things you’re involved in in life.

You need to be able to have strong, sturdy roots to keep you strong when you, weather your own storms. And where I see this most for people is when they have to make a decision.

Quite often they’ll make a decision, it’ll feel clear and inspired, and then they’ll step into the ordinary world, into the real world, so to speak. And they’ll share it with friends and family and they’ll be a well-meaning, but they’ll say things like:

  • Are you sure?
  • Why would you want to do that?
  • How would you know that that’s going to work?

And then you start to doubt yourself.

You start to wonder if you’re good enough.

You backtrack on that decision and then you think ‘oh maybe I shouldn’t’. You can feel let down and disappointed.

And then you have to start the decision process again.

And what we’re going to do is by ROOTing into Your Wisdom, we’re going to bypass the whole self-doubt, self-criticism, ‘Should I/shouldn’t I?’ energy and be able to be like the tree, stand tall and firm and true and know that you’ve made the right decision for you!

And I mentioned my love of acronyms.

I’m going to show you how to create your own acronym for life.

Your own ROOTed word.

The word that you come back to time and time to know that it’s the core essence of you.

It’s going to go beyond values and core desired feelings. But of course, you know those are important. But we’re going to find you your own ROOTed wisdom, your own acronym for how you want to show up for life. Like your guiding word.

People do Word of the Year. This is going to go so much deeper.

It’s like your true essence as an acronym.

So I hope that sounds fun?

Trees, acronyms… Such fantastic fun for me lol

And so in the first lesson, we’re going start with ‘R’ as we RECOGNISE the Truth of Who You Are.

So let’s get ready to dive in.

I’ll see you very soon. Bye.

June 2020 Class