OCCUPY Your Space: Part One
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Welcome back.

Hopefully now you feel much more connected to owning your own unique blend of magic, your quirks, the things that are important to you, your values, your core desired feelings.

And during the meditation, perhaps you got given one or two words.

Now what I’m going to ask you to do is choose one word that’s right, just one word, and use that one word that feels most connected to you, that when you hear that word, there’s something in you that just knows. I quite often talk about knowing something and then knowing, really knowing something, that blood and bone knowing.

Because what we’re going to do next is help you to occupy the space of this word, to occupy the space of your body, to become present, to take up all of the space and to help you do that, we’re going to get you to create your own acronym.

The reason we’re doing this, is remember we’re ROOTing into our own wisdom, and that ROOTing is very much about you sinking deeply into your own inner being, so that you’re grounded, strong, and stable in your own unique essence.

Just like we spoke about in the introduction, if you look at the tree in (picture on) the slide, it’s going nowhere. It’s fully rooted and grounded into the sense of who it is. If someone came along to it and said, you are not a tree, you’re a bird, the tree wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if it had an eyelid. It would just stand strong and true. As you can see on this tree, when I took the photo, people have been scratching into it for decades and yet it’s still just holding strong to its true essence of being a tree.

We’re going do. We’re going to look at acronyms.

I want you to take your word, and I’m going to show you different ways that I’ve used acronyms.

The very first acronym I used in my business was DANCE and it was for the SHEro DANCE Party. It was about getting us into rhythm and alignment with the seasons. A real celebration of the seasons and the Sabbats, and  really helping us to find our own unique rhythm within that. And so I just clearly had one word for each letter.






And it might be that simple for you.

So get your one word, write it down the side of the page and then you might want to have a look over the core desired feelings and the values that you’ve been playing with during this ROOT program. And there might just be words that leap out of the page for you.

But what I want you to remember, this is about you finding your unique essence. This isn’t about you making words fit your essence word.

So you might just have ‘snap, snap, snap’ words that go, ‘yes, yes, yes’, those are the words that I want.

But, I want to show you a couple of other ways that I have worked with acronyms as well.

This is quite funny story actually, about how SHEro POWER came into being.  I always talk about owning your inner power. And for years people always say to me, but what do you mean by power? And you know, I explain it. And I had my own explanations. And one day I just said to a friend, wouldn’t it be great if there was a five-step plan to owning your power? And my head went power, five steps, five letters. Oh my goodness. And I had an acronym straight away, within five minutes I had the words, but it was very different from DANCE.

Have a look here. What I did here, see the words I made fit exactly what I wanted rather than choosing words that didn’t fit.

So as you can see here there’s,


OWN Your Gifts

But the third one, the ‘W’ is actually in the middle of the sentence: Remember Your WORTH Is Inherent

EMBODY Your Truth, and

RELEASE and surrender.

I wasn’t prepared to change the word,  what was important for the ‘W’, so instead I changed the structure of the sentence.

POWER is actually Prioritise, Own, Worth, Embody and Release. But I restructured the sentences to make it work for me.

And then another one: Break the SPELLs and Change Your Story.

When I relaunched my Rebecca Anuwen site, all this information was coming through about stories and spells and breaking the beliefs and the constructs that we’ve been brought up in so we can create our own world. So once again, I knew SPELL was an acronym. This time the words for SPELL are at the end of the sentence:

Identify your STORIES


Deepen your EXPERIENCE

Be mindful of your LANGUAGE

Nurture your LOYALTY to yourself.


Once again, I wasn’t prepared to compromise on the language, on the words I wanted to use, so I made it work in a way that worked for me.

And then my most recent one goes right back to being very, very simple.

The ART of becoming you.


Just three simple words.

I have another exercise I’m going to share with you in a minute. But right now I want you to work with that.

Work and structure your essence word in a way that supports the truth of who you are. That creates the foundations, the roots.

Your word is your essence. The truth of who you are and then each letter, maybe you’ve got ART, maybe you have a three letter word, maybe you have a seven letter word. It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing that’s right or wrong. Trust that you’ve been given the perfect thing for you, the perfect word for you, and then either pick one word, or pick a sentence, for each letter of your word.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t overthink this. Look through the words that you’ve been working with. Look through the phrases, the values, the core, desired feelings, and any inspirations that just pop up.

Now look at your essence board. See what imagery, see what words flow off the page and into your heart and then write your one word down. Write your sentence down. Maybe it’s a mix of the two. There’s no right and wrong way to do this. Just a way that’s perfect for you.

As you can see, sometimes I’ve used one word, sometimes I’ve used the sentence, sometimes I used a mixture. Sometimes the word is at the beginning and sometimes the word is at the end. Just do what is perfect for you.

And then when you’ve got that, come back and I’ll show you the second part of this stage.

See you very soon.


OCCUPY Your Space: Part Two


Welcome back to the second part of OCCUPYING Your Space.

Now any of you that know me, there’s another piece… She loves acronyms and trees. And one of the things that I’m really passionate about is you occupying your space and taking up space.

So you have your roots, you have your essence, you have your beautiful words or statements or sentences attached to your essence word.

And now I want you to embody that essence, and as a very simple, technique, exercise that we can do to help you do that is called the SHEro power pose.

There’s a Ted talk, which I’ll link to in the section below that talks about Power Poses and how just by putting your hands in the air, hands on your hips, standing with your feet further than hip width apart can really change how you communicate with yourself, and how other people receive you too.

What I want you to do is feel into your essence word.

You can say all of your acronym if you want to, or the words that are making up the sentences, or just repeat your essence word over and over to yourself. And as you do that, I want you first of all to smile, to smile because it expands your energy.

So just feel that word. You might want to start with like feeling into your feet, coming up your legs, through your calves, your knees, your thighs, up through your hips, the whole pelvic area, including your energetic womb space, up through your torso, down your arms, out your hands and up through your head. And then floating all the way around your body. Just feeling into your essence while and smile

Stop and smile at your feet and your ankles. Smile that word in your body and notice what it’s like embody that energy.

And then what I want us to do is to lock it in with what I call the SHEro Power Pose, or just simply a power pose.

So just stand with your feet further than hip with apart. And your hands above your head, reaching to the sky, and stand like this for two or three minutes.

Now if you can’t, because that hurts your arms for whatever reason, just put your hands on your hips.

Yes you can do it sat down. But it’s more powerful, it feels more powerful to me if you’re doing it stood up, reaching for the stars. And that’s literally what you’re doing with your body, you’re creating a star shape with your feet further than hip width apart and arms wider than hip width apart and you’re creating this beautiful star, as you become the star of your life.

You’re in that expansion energy of your word, of your essence. You’re standing up tall, you’re changing your energy, you’re taking up all of the space. And I love this exercise because as women, quite often we can tone ourself down. We can think we’re too much, perhaps even been told we’re too much. And this is about reclaiming our space, taking up space with your thoughts, your feelings, your words, your physicality, all of it. And right now you’re taking up space with your true essence. So you’re taking up all of the space.

And then what I would recommend you do, is that for the next 10 days, is for two or three minutes, morning or evening, both extra stars for that, and just take up space and just feel into your essence and just let it become your true experience so that you are ROOTing and anchoring into those words. So they become your living expression.

When you have to make a decision, you can run it through, you’re essence filter or you can see whether it checks off your, your statements, your additional words, your ROOT matrix, your ecosystem of who you’re becoming, of who you are in your truth, and how your starting to express that in the world.


So that’s it. Quite simple. Take up all of the space.


And one thing I love about that pose too, yes, there’s lots of science behind why it works, but some of the very first goddess statues recovered along the Nile, ancient, ancient goddess statues were stood with their arms to the sky. It’s in our DNA as a really powerful way to stand.

So stand up tall and proud, feet farther than hip width apart and reach for the sky, unapologetically taking up all of the space.

So for the next 10 days, that’s my challenge to you. Two or three minutes, just feeling into the essence of who you, as you re-write your stories, rewire those neurons, and become more confident in the truth of who you are.

So we just have ‘T’ to go now, so I will see you in the next video.

Power Poses

Power Poses

I mentioned the following Ted Talk in my video above:

“The way you carry yourself is a source of personal power—the kind of power that is the key to presence. It’s the key that allows you to unlock yourself—your abilities, your creativity, your courage, and even your generosity. It doesn’t give you skills or talents you don’t have; it helps you to share the ones you do have. It doesn’t make you smarter or better informed; it makes you more resilient and open. It doesn’t change who you are; it allows you to be who you are.”
― Amy Cuddy

“Movement, like posture, tells the brain how it feels and even manages what it remembers. As walking becomes more open, upright, and buoyant, our memories about ourselves follow suit.” – Amy Cuddy