SEER: EVOKE Your Soul Purpose

EVOKE Your Soul Purpose

After spending decades looking for my own Soul’s purpose, I have come to believe that we all have the same Soul Purpose.

And that’s to be the most fully expressed version of yourself.

For years I was searching for my Soul Purpose like I was looking for a job title.

I’d discover something about myself through a personality profile of some sort or a training, and I’d think ‘This is it! This is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life!’.

And then sure enough, after a few months I’d be off searching again.

It wasn’t that what I’d found was wrong, but it was only ever part of the picture.

What I’d really been searching for was permission to be me.

Permission to be and embrace all of the thigs that I loved, that I was fascinated by.

I wanted permission to keep being curious, to keep exploring and keep growing.

I didn’t actually want the ‘Soul job title’ that I’d been seeking, I mean how on earth could we ever define ourselves by one title?

‘Be Yourself’.

That should be easy, right?


Being yourself is one of the hardest path’s you could choose in life.

In a world that tells you who you should be from birth, it’s hard to break free from such conditioning.

And yet here you are!

Walking this path, becoming more of yourself every day.

You magnificent Witch!


Breaking Free

One of the reasons that this is so hard is that becoming ourselves is an act of breaking free from our own family beliefs, patterns and SPELL’s.

It’s not something you do once and it’s done, it’s something that you have to consciously choose over and over again.

You need to break free from the family SPELLs, the group consciousness, and move towards becoming conscious of your own self.

Then you need to discover how you weave your truth back into the group consciousness, without losing yourself in the process.

It can appear so hard as ‘loyalty’ is the law of the family; it’s the strongest of the family SPELLs.

In days gone by, loyalty needed to be the strongest to ensure the survival of the group.

As you break away, your actions can seem dis-loyal to your family, you may even consider yourself dis-loyal for your choices, even if that’s not the language you use.

And of course, you are being dis-loyal to the collective family belief, as you’re becoming loyal to yourself.

Although this dis-loyalty can trigger all kinds of ‘good girl’, acceptance and rejection concerns within you, remember that becoming your own fully expressed version of yourself is what you’re here to do, it’s your Soul purpose.

Being Intuitive

We previously explored how you can’t do intuition, you have to be intuitive.

It’s an act of being, rather than an act of doing.

This is because it’s the truth of who you are.

You can’t ‘do’ yourself, if you find yourself behaving and acting in a particular way, it because that’s who you feel you have to be in that moment to be accepted by others.

Being your true self is something entirely different.

When you can fully be yourself, you can be fully intuitive too, the two go hand in hand.

So… Who are you?


Q: Who are you?

A: I’m Rebecca-Anuwen.

Q: No, who are you behind your name?

A: I’m a mum, a teacher, a creator….

Q: No, who are you behind the roles that you play?

A: I’m joyful, optimistic, intuitive

Q: No. Who are you behind the labels you identify with?

A: Oh…..


Exercise: Who are you?

Who are you behind the names, the roles, and the things you identify with?

Who are you at a soul level?

You might not have the language for this, so I want you to practice experiencing it.


People often think that the soul is within us.

That’s a very human thing to think that we’re the biggest and the best lol

We consider ‘digging deep’ to excavate our soul.

We use the language of work and it being hard. We view it as a worthwhile quest to find our souls, often one of sacrifice and dedication.

We can associate it with monastic living and stepping away from everyday life.

But the world has changed.

What if that way to discover and connect with your soul was no longer the only way.

What if times had flipped, and this belief was now the wrong way round.

What if it was easy to connect with your soul?


I want you to image that you are a human housed within your soul.

You have your physical body.

Around that, up to the end of your fingers, when your arms are reached out to the side to their fullest, you have your energy bodies.

Then imagine, that around your entire energy body is your soul body.

What if instead of digging deep and searching for your soul, it was already around you, wrapping you up in it’s cosmic intelligence.

What if instead of it being a labour of love to find your soul, you could just relax fully into its energy and know that it already holds you and support you.

I want you to spend some time visualising surrendering into your soul.

Feel it hold and support you.

Feel how you can be yourself, held within the safety and wisdom of your soul.

Let yourself just be.

Just being you, connected fully to your soul, with clear and direct communication via your intuition.

You are a human being, being yourself, being intuitive.

No more trying, striving, hard work, or sacrifice.

Just being.

And relax….