SEER: SECURE Your Connection with the Cosmic Intelligence

SECURE Your Connection with the Cosmic Intelligence

As you begin to focus your attention inwards, as ask yourself who you are and what’s your soul purpose, you begin to become aware of a cosmic intelligence that lies within you, and around you.

As you turn inwards you connect with a deeper sense of being, you connect with the cosmic intelligence that is infinite. Bigger than you, and within you too.

The cosmic intelligence isn’t something to be rationalised, or intellectualised, it can only be experienced.

Its depth and expansiveness make it hard to define by words alone. It shifts, changes and merges with all that is.

As you focus your attention inwards, you can connect to this cosmic intelligence within you, which connects you to the cosmic intelligence that fills entire universes.

As within, so without.

As you focus inwards and connect with this cosmic intelligence, you open ourselves up to a mystical world, a world governed by mystical laws that you can use to bring deeper connection and understanding into your own life. (We’ll explore these laws in more detail later in the Reclaim The MAGIC section of this course)

This cosmic intelligence speaks to through the language of your soul and your intuition.

By turning inwards and deepening your relationship with your intuition, you can begin to feel more at home in your own experience of life and more at home within the bigger idea of life itself.


“Intuition is the highest form of intelligence, transcending all individual abilities and skills.” – Sylvia Clare, Mindfulness Teacher


As you begin to listen to your intuition; trust your gut, tune into your sixth sense, it doesn’t matter what you call it, you connect with cosmic intelligence.

Your intuition is immediate information. It bypasses conscious thought and the rational mind. It’s information direct from your soul.

It doesn’t need to weave together different thoughts, processes, stories or learned knowledge to reach a conclusion.

It’s Truth, direct from your source and connection with the cosmic intelligence.

Your intuition will keep you safe, reveal the truth of a situation and inspire you towards a life where you can express your highest self and fullest potential.

Your Senses are Awakening

Your Senses are awakening, perhaps you’ve noticed it already?

We no longer work with the traditional five senses of the generations before us.

We’re becoming more aware, more sensitive.

We’re working with our energetic senses, not just our physical senses.

Touch is now a deeper form of energetic touching.

Sight is about perceiving, not just seeing.

Hearing becomes a deep inner knowing.

Our energetic senses are not bound by physical matter of words, touch or sight, you can sense the truth behind the traditional senses.

Your intuition will give you immediate feedback on what is true and what’s not.

We live in a word where we’re inundated by information, constantly receiving more and more data. To make sure that you remain connected to your intuition, just like any other muscle or skill, discipline and consistency of practice are key to keep your intuitive skills clear and working well

As the world evolves and moves into the energetic soul language, there will be no more hiding.

No more hiding from the truth.

No more hiding from yourself.

No more hiding from each other.

There can be no more secrets when you can read energy.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this already?

You just know when someone is lying to you or trying to manipulate you. You can feel that something is off and out of alignment.

It’s more important than ever that you align yourself with your energetic integrity – others will be able to see you through you, the same as you can see through them.

Connecting with Your Intuition

For the following activities, find somewhere where you can sit comfortably and be undisturbed for about 10-15 minutes.

Slow down your breathing and breathe in fully through your nose and out fully through your nose.

Place your hands over your heart or energetic womb space and feel present within your body.


Take Three

Spend three minutes with yourself.

Not to try and ‘do’ anything, or try and receive any information.

Just to get used to being with yourself.

Let your thoughts float through your mind and allow your own energy settle back around you.


Intuitive Insight

Identify an event or situation that you’d like more insight about.

Spend a few minutes really focusing on the event or situation; what’s the event, where is it, who does it involve, what’s your role in the situation, how do you feel about it?

When you feel ready, ask for some direct intuitive insight about the event.

Then step away and forget about it.

Then throughout the day, pay attention when your intuition gives you a message.


Intuitive Guidance

Get a piece of paper and a pen.

Write at the top of the paper: ‘What does my life need right now?’

Then allow yourself to answer the question. It doesn’t matter if you feel you’re making it up, just write.

You may find you write one or two words or 100’s of words.

Just write.

No focus on spelling or grammar. Just write what wants to come through.

Then pause for a moment or two and repeat.

 Write the question out again: ‘What does my life need right now?’

And write.

Pause for a moment or two and then repeat the process a third time.

When you’ve completed the third question, pause again, and this time when you’ve had a moment to pause, pick up your pen and draw a symbol on your paper.

Then interpret the symbol.

What does the symbol suggest you add, remove, or continue to enjoy from your life?


Then throughout the day:

Pay Attention to Your Energy.

When you’re around a particular person, or doing certain activities through the day, check-in with your energy system and notice if they energise you, keep your energy ‘neutral’ or if they drain you.

If something leaves you feeling drained, ask yourself what was it about the encounter that took away your energy and power, and how can you prevent it from happening again in the future.


Make a Note of Your Inspirations

Intuition is immediate information. It can often seem as if it comes as a flash of insight, or an a-ha moment, as it cuts through the business of your thoughts and mind.

Note down the insight and take action on it.