Setting the Scene to Cast Your Charms

Once you’re familiar with your charms, you’ll want to start working with them to get the answers that you’re after.

You don’t have to do anything fancy but it’s useful to make sure that you’re present and grounded when you’re asking your questions. This way you’re more likely to get clear and grounded answers.

You might like to cleanse the charms each time before you work with them. You could cleanse them with sacred smoke, sound, by saying a prayer, by seeing your charms wrapped in a cleansing white light, or adding some kind of cleansing oil or alcohol to your fingers and running them through the charms.

You can do whatever feels right for you.

When you throw your charms, you may wish to cast them on a sacred mat, altar cloth, or a favourite piece of material.

You might create a special box or decorate a plate to use.

And it’s completely okay to cast them on a table you’re sat at.

As you set the scene for your Charm Casting reading you may want to light a candle, call in a goddess or deity you work with.

You can do all the things, or none of the things. It’s entirely up to you and what feels right for you and your practice.

The most important thing you can do is to take a moment to become present and become clear on the intention of the question you’re about to ask.

Clear, focused intention is key to a clear and focused answer.

It ensures that you’re in the best place to receive the answer and the guidance you seek.