Some Charm Meanings to Get You Started

Here are some potential meanings, I say ‘potential’ meanings because the meaning that you give to the charm, or the message you get in the moment of the throw is what’s important.

There is no ‘right’ answer or meaning for a charm.

Having said that, there are some charms that have a ‘typical’ meaning, and are a good place to start if you are feeling stuck:

Airplane – Success / Taking off, Travel, Dreaming, Sky high

Apple – Wisdom, Knowledge

Arrow – Direct action, Straight to the point, may also point at something ‘significant’

Bed – Need to rest

Belt – Restrictions / the need to tighten your belt, Holding things together

Boat – Smooth sailing, Flow, Travel

Butterfly – Change and Transformation

Car – The direction you’re taking your life

Castle – Home, Strong boundaries, Being too protective

Clock – Time limit, Resources

Coins – Abundance, Sum of money, Receiving gifts

Cup – Receiving, Filling yourself up

Dog – Loyal, Companion

Heart – Passion, Love, Relationships

Horseshoe – Luck/bad luck, Superstitions, Old Tales

Fan – Hiding something, Concealing

Flowers – Beauty, Gift, Abundance

Grapes – Abundance

Handcuffs – Stop, Think before you act

Jigsaw Piece – Mystery, Only part of the issue/solution

Lightbulb – Ideas, Inspiration

Pen – Commitment, Journalling, Creativity

Rings – Commitment, Relationship

Rosette – Success, Winning, Positive outcome

Shoes – Moving forward, Starting something new

Skull – Ancestors, Spirits

Snake – Transformation, Inner-power

Tortoise – Slow down, slow and steady

Watering Can – Nurturing and care needed