SPELLs: Releasing the Old

Making the Space for the Magic to Happen

“Make the space for the magic to happen” – this is one of the phrases that I really live by.

We must make the space so that we can receive something new.

I first really understood the importance of this, when I started practising Kundalini Yoga many years ago… At first during the yoga classes I was frustrated by the long pauses, the resting in between poses, I wanted to rush on and do the next pose – surely stretching and pushing through was better for my body?

But during one session I because acutely aware of my body.

As I lie there, resting (again…) I could feel my body relaxing and coming back into balance.

As I lie there I suddenly became acutely aware of the need to pause, to make the space for myself to receive the magic of yoga.

But of course this isn’t just for yoga.

Anytime in my life that I want to create something or change, I have to create the space to receive it, or it just becomes overwhelming, messy, there’s too much stuff and too much information.

For example if you wanted a new sofa, you’d have to make physical room for it, or it would be cramped and uncomfortable.

But if there’s no obvious space to be made, I clean a drawer, a cupboard, a room.

I create the space for the magic to happen, so that I can receive fully.

The exact same is true for you too.

When you want to change your stories, you first have to remove the SPELLs so that you have the space to create the new story, the story of your choosing.

I curated some meditations to energetically support you go through the process of releasing.

You can listen to them as many times as you like.

The meditations have been selected to fully support you to let go and make lasting changes.

Listening to them will give you the energetic space to come back to centre in your own body, so that you can consciously chose the stories you want to live your life by, the stories that support you.

A Ritual For Releasing

You will need:

  • Leaves and flowers, or
  • Paper and colouring pencils

Step 1. Clear your energy

Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative energies to be washed away.

Step 2. Create a sacred space

Find a quiet place to sit, declutter and clean, you might like to place crystals or other special items around you, or cleanse the room with some incense.

Step 3. Become present

Become fully present in your body.

Become aware of every part of your body.

Bring awareness to your breathing.

Step 4. Connect to what you are ready to release

Spend some time focussing on what you are ready to release from your life; fears, beliefs, patterns, people, things.

Step 5. Create a mandala or picture

As you think about what you are ready to release, create a flower mandala with leaves and flowers that you have found in nature.


Draw a picture that represents what you are ready to release (no artistic skills required).

Step 6. Mindfully destroy your creation.

Now destroy what you have created, knowing that as you do, you symbolically release what you are ready to let go of.

Step 7. Assimilate

Sit in silence for a while and see if any inspiration comes. You may even want to journal around your thought.

Releasing the Grip of Others

This gentle meditation is designed to release the energetic cords that connect you in unhealthy ways to other people.

People often refer to this as ‘cord cutting.

However, I don’t like the idea of cutting as it gives me the feeling of violence, but also I have the image of two ends of a hosepipe flailing around, leaking energy everywhere, so we’ll call this a cord healing or cord releasing meditation.

Releasing those energetic ties that no longer serve us.

When we connect with another person, especially romantically, or charged under any type of love, we activate an energetic cord with them.

As we continue with the relationship, every interaction, thought, experience, emotion and feeling is added to the cord.

These cords have the ability to transmit at a high frequency of energy, but the opposite can also be true.

When the relationship is healthy the cord can maintain a healthy and vibrant exchange of energy.

However, when the cord is unhealthy, it can lead to you feeling drained, controlled, or vulnerable.

The strength of the cord will vary from person to person that you interact with, but a good indicator of how strong your connection is with someone, is how strong the feelings you have for them – good or bad.

When relationships end, or go bad, it’s important to clear the energy also.

Clearing the energy can clear unhealthy patterns, and free you up to move on, so that you can invite healthy opportunities into your life’

But also clearing the energy, can also improve a relationship, particularly when the relationship is with someone who will be in your life for some time – such as a family member.

After listening to the meditation make sure you drink plenty of water.

Energy Releasing Meditations

You will need to get yourself somewhere where you can fully relax and where you won’t be disturbed for about 10 minutes.

The energy clearing is going to be in two parts:

  1. During the first part I will give you a phrase to think. As you think the phrase any stress or discomfort the phrase causes in your energy body or physical body will be rebalanced.
  2. During the second part of the clearing you will receive an essence that will support and strengthen your system.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of these energy clearing meditations, it’s powerful work and you’ll continue to gain benefit from it for days after you’ve listened to it.


What to Expect

During the energy clearing you may feel tingling sensations, you may yawn or feel a change in temperature – this is just the energy moving around your body, however you may feel nothing at all – just know that you are receiving the perfect experience for you.


After Care

After listening to the energy clearing it’s important to drink plenty of water.

Energy is fluid and the water helps to move the energy through your system.

You may wish to talk about the experience during the clearing. You could also, draw, journal, sing, paint or dance about the clearing to continue to release anything else. You could also just go about your everyday life!


The Meditations


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Releasing Past Hurts


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