Storing Your Charms

The way you store your charms is entirely up to you.

However, the container you use reflects your relationship with your charms. Notice the quality of your readings if you treat them like treasured, sacred tools. Then notice the quality if you neglect them. For example, if you let them get all sticky or covered in dust, without giving them care or attention, how do you think this will affect your relationship with them?

You might also want to consider whether the way you store and care for your charms reflects the way you feel about your intuition and inner wisdom.

I keep my main set of charms in a box on my desk. This is because I use them frequently, and can just dip my hand into the box whenever I want clarity or guidance.

By contrast, I keep my SHEro Toolkit charms in their special pouch. The pouch either sits within my ‘big’ box of charms, or on my altar. I save this set for specific Charm Casting readings with the maps, using them only when I want to explore a question in a deeper way.

The most important thing about the way you store your charms is that it needs to encourage you to actually use them. When you use your charms, you create a deeper relationship with them. That’s the only way they can support you in accessing your intuition.

So accessibility is a key factor in how you choose to store them.