The Call for Change

All great journeys begin with The Call. This is the small voice inside that spurs you to take action. It’s probably the voice that originally encouraged you to purchase these charms.

The Call is also the voice telling you that now is the time to make a change and leave the place of ‘sameness’. If your soul desires change, you’ve almost certainly heard The Call.

This stage is exciting. You don’t know what lies ahead, so you’re caught up in the enthusiasm of the unlimited possibilities that could unfold for you.

However, The Call also brings doubt.

You start out all excited as you listen to your inner voice. Soon, though, you’re hearing your mind’s chatter: “Oh, maybe I should just leave things as they are?”, ”Change is always so hard!” or, “I just don’t have time!”

Of course, you can decide not to follow The Call during this stage of the journey. That’s always a choice.

But you could also carry on, and instead enjoy the adventures of the SHEro’s Journey as you dive deep. You could uncover more about yourself, and learn to honour your energy, emotions and feelings.

Just know that whatever path you decide to follow is perfect for you right now.