The Significant Challenge

If you carry on after hearing The Call, you’ll experience the next stage of the journey. At the beginning of this stage, you’ll meet someone who encourages you. Perhaps they’ll offer you a few words of wisdom, or recommend a book or a course that inspires you.

Regardless, you’ll feel encouraged enough to commit to your journey and take those first few steps into the unknown.

Once you’ve made the commitment, however, the Universe often seems to want to see how strong your intentions are. At this point, it can feel as if you’re being tested.

During this stage, you’ll come face-to-face with people who have all sorts of feelings and opinions about you and the journey you’re taking. And not all of those opinions will be supportive.

Some people will try to drag you into their dramas and wear you down with their negative attitudes. They could even leave you wondering why on earth you decided to start your journey when you could’ve just stayed at home.

When this happens, you may find yourself wondering who you can trust.

Of course, not all of your challenges will take the form of people. Sometimes they’ll be situations or projects you’re working on. And then there’s your inner critic: she’ll no doubt have opinions to share with you too.

But mixed in with the naysayers will also be people who fully support what you do. Those people will actively help you on your journey.

Now you’ll need to decide who to listen to. You’ll also need to select what you’ll take with you, and what you’ll leave behind.

Whatever you choose, each decision you make teaches you more about yourself.