TRANSFORM: Refining Your Life Philosophy

Refining Your Life Philosophy

Now that you have activated your POWER, broken the SPELLs and Reclaimed Your MAGIC, it’s time to take all of the information that you’ve uncovered and refine your Life Philosophy.

You might want to consider the following:

  • Has anything come to light that is important to you that you haven’t included in your Life Philosophy?
  • Do you need to remove anything as it was a SPELL?
  • How can you live your Life Philosophy more?
  • How can you become more loyal to this way of life?

Final Questions:

How has your Life Philosophy changed and refined itself over the course of The ART of Being a Witch?

How often are you going to check-in with your Life Philosophy and review it as you continue to grow on your path?

How are you going to enjoy expressing more of your truth as you life your Life Philosophy?