In Part 1 of The ART of Being a Witch, we focused on ALIGNing yourself with your truth and what’s important to you.

Then in Part 2 you reclaimed your inner POWER and started to Break the SPELLs, so that you could create a life of your own choosing.

You’re now going to put all of this into practice as you TRANSFORM your life and step into a world of magic and co-creation with your soul and the universe.

Remember that you can never get behind, go at the pace that works for you. The material will be here for you to come back to or continue to explore.


Part of any Witches practice is to keep a record of her personal, magical journey.

To¬†help you do this I’ve created a beautiful Journal to accompany on this journey.

It’s a space to explore your experiences and keep a record of your progress and insight.

There are two versions, a pdf that you can download and type into directly, or a ‘plain’ version:



The ART of Being a Witch – Transform Type-able

You can download the plain/non-typeable version here:

Transform – The ART of Being a Witch



As you set off on the Transform part of The ART of Being a Witch, you will continue to spiral deeper into your witchy-self, and begin to reclaim your magical power.

This is the part of your journey where you begin to come back into relationship with your soul wisdom through deeper connection with your intuition, as well as uncovering your magical abilities as you begin to use them in your everyday life.


Your Dedication

I want you to write out a dedication to yourself for this stage of your journey.

Again, you may want to include your intentions, and how you will show up for yourself during The Witch Academy (and beyond).

The words must be your own.

It can be as long, or as brief, as you like.

But remember this is a promise and a vow you are making to yourself, to embrace the journey to remember, reclaim, and embody your truth.