TRANSFORM: Your Archetypes


At the beginning of each week, continue to take The Archetype quiz to find out which of your Archetype needs some attention.

This time we will be including tree allies with your work with your Archetype.

As you dive deeper into The ART of Being a Witch, working with your Archetypes will continue to support you to assimilate, re-balance, and activate all that you’re learning, un-learning.

Her charatceristics will support you connect to and support your awakening self.

Once you’ve identified which of your Archetypes wants your attention, there are two things to do each day – this will take you about 10-15 minutes.

  1. Listen to the relevant Archetype meditation
  2. Work with the relevant tree ally of your choosing

You can even do both of these at the same time.

Then after 7-days, take the quiz again and see if your energy has changed.

It may stay the same, or another Archetype may have come forward to support you.

Both are fine.

Then do the same for the next 7-days. Listening to the meditation and working with your tree ally.

Continue to do this for the time you are working through The ART of Being a Witch.

* Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll be redirected to a page that has the Archetype Meditation on, ‘bookmark’ the page, so you can find the meditation again with ease.

The Quiz
Take the quiz to find out which of your Archetypes is asking for your attention.

You will receive access to the relevant Archetypes guidebook with suggestions on your current activated strengths and challenges.

You’ll also get access to the energy clearing meditation to support and balance the relevant Archetype for you.


Take the Quiz:



Trees and Your Archetypes

Each week when you take the Archetype Quiz, you’ll find out which of your Archetypes is in need of some balance.

During the ALIGN stage you looked at grounding your energy with crystals.

During the RESET stage you looked at working with the energy of flowers.

As you TRANSFORM, ground, and stabilise your new energy and a new way of being in the world, you’ll be working with the trees as they support you.

The trees will help you deepen your roots and reach (your branches) far and wide.

Below are some suggestions of trees that you can use for the Archetype identified by the quiz, however you can choose to use any tree that is calling you and that Archetype.

Look over the list, take a couple of deep, centring breaths, and with one hand over your heart and one hand over your energetic womb-space, ask yourself, and the relevant Archetype, which tree the Archetype wants to work with.

This may be a tree from the list below, or something completely different.

Trust yourself and use the tree you feel called to use.

The ‘typical’ symbolism for the tree may not make logical sense to you, but trust yourself and your body to know what you need.

The List

The Innocent SHEro

Freedom – Optimism – Trust
Exploring your Innocent SHEro allows you to feel more joy in your life. You’ll experience authenticity and integrity in your views and values, whilst also being light-hearted and enjoying play just for the fun of it.

Trees: Birch, Fig, Myrtle.


The Intuitive SHEro

Awakening – Introspection – Insight

Exploring your Intuitive SHEro allows you to trust and be led by your own inner guidance. You’ll be able to connect deeply with yourself and live your life by honouring your intuition, energy, and feelings.

Trees: Alder, Juniper, Elm.


The Rebel SHEro

Untamed – Exploration – Expansion

Exploring your Rebel SHEro allows you to embrace all of yourself, and not just the pretty parts. In today’s world, this kind of self-love and acceptance could be considered the ultimate act of rebellion.

Trees: Rowan, Ash, Beech.


The Passionate SHEro

Desire – Focus – Fulfilment

Exploring your Passionate SHEro will allow you to dedicate to, and honour, your feelings and emotions so that you can overcome anything that gets in your way.

Trees: Oak, Gorse, Cherry.


The Creatrix SHEro

Nurtured – Inspired – Connected

Exploring your Creatrix SHEro allows you to fuel your creative ability by prioritising yourself and ensuring that your needs are met through nourishing your body, mind, and soul.

Trees: Ivy, Hawthorne, Wisteria.


The Teacher SHEro

Grounded – Intelligence – Inner Knowing

Exploring your Teacher SHEro allows you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way, and use your experiences as a chance to learn more about yourself and grow as a person.

Trees: Apple, Hazel, Heather.


The Change-Maker SHEro

Resilient – Adaptable – Liberated

Exploring your Change-Maker SHEro will allow you to confidently embrace new opportunities, as you will know that you have the inner resolve to face anything that comes your way.

Trees, Blackthorn, Cedar, Cypress.


The Wise Woman SHEro

Whole – Sacred – Mysterious

Exploring your Wise Woman SHEro allows you to become all that you were meant to be. You won’t feel the need to prove yourself to anyone else, because you know that you are whole.

Trees: Yew, Holly, Wych Elm.

The Edge-Walker SHEro

Fluid – Intangible – Transitioning

Exploring your Edge-Walker SHEro allows you to consciously choose to embody any of the SHEro Archetypes, so that they can fully support you through your life, using their collective wisdom to navigate your experiences, challenges, and celebrations in life.

Trees: Willow, Pine, Elder, Redwoods.


How to Use the Trees

If you have access to the relevant tree, you could:

  • Sit in the presence of the tree, whilst listening to the relevant Archetype meditation
  • Hold a leaf/small twig from the tree, whilst listening to the meditation
  • Or you may have oracle cards, essential oils, or flower essences of your chosen tree, hold them whilst listening to the relevant Archetype meditation

If you don’t have access to the relevant tree, you could:

Find a picture of the tree that resonates with you.

Save the image on your phone/computer, or print it off/cut it out, and do the same meditations as above.

The important thing is, that you take time each day to regularly connect with the energy of the tree so that it can support you and your energy system throughout this process.