What is Charm Casting?

Charm casting is a powerful form of divination.

It is powerful in its simplicity.

I believe its power comes from the fact that there are no rules.

Well… there are a few guidelines, but really you are free to do this how you please.

I will give you some guidance but take what works for you, adapt or ‘throw out’ the rest.

You’re about to embark on a journey of deeply connecting to your intuition.

You’ll uncover your ability to join-the-dots, to explore your stories. Stories after all are what make us human.

You’re not looking to a guidebook to give you the answers. But you’ll uncover your unique interpretation. What you need in that very moment.

All you need are some charms/trinkets/small objects to cast, an object to stir/shuffle them in, and a surface to ‘cast’ your charms on to. This could be as simple as a few objects you have lying around the house, your hands to ‘shuffle’ them—like you would dice—and a table to cast them onto. Simple. Then it’s time to connect with your inner-wisdom and interpret the message they have for you.

Of course you can make the whole process much more elaborate, and you will do as you go along. But always start simple.

It’s easy to add to your collection, once you have the basics, but it’s hard to move out of overwhelm, if you try to start out by making it too ‘fancy’ and complicated. Simple is best.

Simple will mean that you are likely to continue with this fun and powerful form of divination. Overwhelm may mean your charms are destined to become covered in dust!

Charm Casting is used in the same way in which cards or other forms of divination are used.

They’re used as a tool to connect with, and draw forward the messages from your inner wisdom.

Charm Casting is great if you’re looking to explore a topic or concern you have.

You can use it to ask focused questions.

You can use it to find the story behind patterns that you find yourself repeating.

The power and accuracy of this form of divination, and all the others that don’t rely on someone else’s interpretation/guidebook, is that you learn to connect deeply with your own intuition. You begin to trust your own inner wisdom.

The charms and they way in which they land on your throwing surface, bring forward stories of your life, based on YOUR experience, and what’s true for you.

This is a fun, simple, yet profound and powerful way to remember what’s important to you, what you want and what your innermost dreams and desires are.

It helps you to connect to the truth of who you are, before you were told who and what you should be.