What Magick Is (and What it Isn’t)

Magick is quite simply about creating change – usually because you either want more of something in your life, or want to be free of something. For example, you might want to be more confident or to rid yourself of unwanted attention.

And that change only happens when you align your thoughts, feelings and desires (in other words, intentionally direct your energy) towards it. And another word for aligning and directing thoughts and energy – sometimes using tools like candles, crystals and herbs – is ‘magick’.

Regardless of whether or not you use tools, though, you still have to align your actions with your intentions to create real change.

There’s often fear or uncertainty around magick, and misunderstandings about what it is. For example, people think that they need to be born into magick, have a magickal lineage or have special skills.

But magick is just the ability to tap into the rhythms that flow around and within you.

After that, it’s just using those rhythms to create change or influence the world around you.

Both the quality of your energy and your connection to your own inner power will influence the quality of the magick you bring to and express in the world.

A ‘so-so’ connection with, and belief and trust in, your own magick will inevitably create ‘so-so’ results. A clear, confident connection with your own magick will create clear, confident results.

Of course, some people can access their magick with greater ease than others, just like some people naturally connect to their intuition more easily. But both magick and intuition are available to everyone.

Magick is about creating change.
The Magick is the result of your actions.

When you first start to explore magick, you’ll come across all sorts of different types of magick.

The main two are :

  • Ceremonial / High Magick: This includes learning a wide range of long, elaborate and often complex rituals.
    It also often has a spiritual purpose, rather than a practical one.
  • Folk Magick: This includes a variety of magical practices performed by everyday people. It’s usually very practical and addresses everyday concerns.


Another phrase you’ll hear a lot is ‘traditional magick‘.

It’s important to remember that just because something is ‘traditional’ doesn’t mean it’s better, or that it’s a more effective type of magick for you.

It’s also important to remember that ‘traditional’ is a matter of perspective.

‘Traditional’ to me, living in the UK, will be very different from ‘traditional’ for someone living elsewhere in the world.

In fact, even in the UK, we have different types of traditional magick to call upon, depending on where we live.

Most magick practised today is a blend of Ceremonial Magick and Folk Magick.

And for magick to work for you, it’s not about being ‘book perfect’. It’s about knowing the ‘rules’ to work within to keep you safe, and then finding a way that works for you.

Magick is about reclaiming your power, finding a way that works for you, and not relying on others to ‘give’ it to you.


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