What’s a Modern Day Witch?

What’s a Modern Day Witch?

Welcome to the Become a Modern-Day Witch course!

I’m delighted that you’re here and want to start by congratulating you on your saying ‘Yes!’ to your power and magick.

Because, there’s no question that the word ‘Witch’ is emotive.

For many people, it will conjure up the archetypal fairytale image of an evil old woman who causes trouble and uses her magick to harm. For others, a Witch may be a powerful woman who lives on her own terms in harmony with the cycles of life.

Many women who were (and are still) labelled as ‘Witches’ were those who spoke up and went against expectations and societal norms. They were labelled as ‘too much’. And today, there’s still a fear of being ‘too much’ – perhaps because we don’t want to fall prey to the historical persecution of Witches in times gone by.

The accusation of being ‘too much’ is still used to keep us silent – silent about injustices, silent about our own needs and silent in our own choices. Perhaps that’s why Witches can also symbolise all that’s wild, powerful and unapologetic.

That can scare many people, including other women who want to be all of those things.

It’s not about wearing black pointy hats…

(I prefer my green one 😉 )

The Modern-Day Witch is less about old stereotypes, and much more about remembering and reclaiming the truth of who you are.

When you reclaim this truth, you get to celebrate your wild edges, not just the socially acceptable ‘pretty’ parts. You can also reclaim your inner power, so that you can know exactly who you are and stand by what’s important to you.

This is a truth where you can be unapologetic in your choices. You can say, “Yes,” without explanation and, “No,” without apology.

This may mean breaking down old paradigms of belief. It may mean working outside of all that you’ve been taught about what’s right and wrong, good and bad, expected and acceptable.

And yes, it may mean being labelled ‘too much’.

But when you honour yourself, your energy and what’s important to you, other people’s opinions don’t stop you from doing what you know you need to. Nor do they stop you from making the decisions that are right for you.

So the Modern-Day Witch is a woman who’s ready to reclaim her power and create change in her world. She’s a woman who seeks inner authority, progress, healing and change.

Pleased to meet you, I’m a Modern-Day Witch

I’ve chosen to powerfully claim the title ‘Witch’ when it would’ve been far easier to choose the more acceptable title of ‘Priestess’. I am, after all, a trained Priestess of Cerridwen, which required two years of training in Glastonbury, UK.

But what I found was that the term Priestess feels ‘safe’. It certainly isn’t threatening in any way, because a Priestess is ‘in service’ to others and her community. Witches, on the other hand, are often solitary, and seen as only out for themselves.

It’s still not socially acceptable for a woman to prioritise herself and her needs. She still risks being called selfish if she focuses on herself, especially if she says, “No.” She’s still shunned if she’s ‘full of herself’, and looked at with suspicion if she chooses to walk her own path.

So here I am, Rebecca Anuwen, Modern-Day Witch, kinesiologist and Priestess of Cerridwen, reminding you that it’s essential for you to also embody YOUR Modern-Day Witch self. Only then can you remind yourself of what’s truly important to you. Only then can you break free of the distractions and energy drains of guilt, expectations and judgements.

I’m Rebecca Anuwen, a spell-breaking, story-weaving, wand-wielding, cloak-wearing eternal optimist who laughs at her own jokes and is obsessed with trees.

It’s good to meet you!

And I want to meet ALL of you, in all of your fullness – in your beautiful, complicated, messy, imperfectly perfect self.


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