SHEro Guidance for the Week Ahead

June 27th

1 – The Labyrinth

Consciously Create Your life

Create a life on your own terms, even if it makes no sense to others

A labyrinth is a pattern of curved pathways around a central point.  Many people walk the path of a labyrinth to centre themselves, for contemplation or for mindfulness.


The Labyrinth reminds you to consciously create your life

You may have been prioritising a life that looks great and aligns with the values, energy and desires of other people. Instead, choose to create a life that feels great and aligns with your own values, energy and desires.

Create a life that nourishes you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Focus more on honouring your feelings, rather than on how things may look to others.

Consciously create a life of substance and meaning for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if that life isn’t what’s expected of you. It doesn’t matter if other people don’t understand the way you choose to live your life. And it doesn’t matter if your life looks messy – or if it looks glossy.

All that matters is that you create a life that nourishes and nurtures you.

This is your life. You need to live it for you.


SHEro Action

Notice the choices you’ve been making.

Notice where those choices have prioritised how you look to others over honouring how you feel.

Ask yourself:

  • What choices would you make differently if you were to focus on your feelings?
  • What lights you up?
  • What changes can you make that nourish you and prioritise how you feel, rather than how you want to be perceived?

Pause and take a breath as you get clear on what you want to consciously create.



“I choose to consciously create a life that honours who I am.”


2 – The Cup

Honour Your Needs

Love yourself more

Cups are drinking vessels, which can be used to hold hot or cold liquids. They often symbolise our emotions, feelings and relationships with others.


The Cup reminds you to honour your needs.

Take good care of yourself. Only you know what your body, mind and soul need. Taking care of yourself may not look the way you expect. It may not be what you’ve been taught. It may not even be what you think it should be.

Trust yourself to know what you need in this moment.

Listen to the wisdom of your body and the pull of your soul.

Nurture and nourish yourself in ways that feel delicious to you.

Enforce your boundaries.

Get clear on what you say ‘yes’ to and what you say ‘no’ to.

Be discerning about how you spend your time, with whom, and where.


SHEro Action

Become aware of what you need to take good care of yourself.

Decide what action you’ll take to prioritise yourself and your needs.

Do you need to stop doing or allowing something?

Do you need to start doing something?

What could you do in the next few days that would make you feel deeply nourished and cared for?

Pause and take a breath as you prioritise caring for yourself.



“I honour my needs and take good care of myself.”

3 – The Key

Reclaim Your Power

Access your personal power by focusing your energy, thoughts and actions on what you truly desire

Keys are a symbol of authority. They allow us to open and close doors. If we’re the only ones who have them, they give us freedom, security and access to the things that are ours.


The Key reminds you to reclaim your power

It’s time to step into your power and show up fully.

Outer experiences of life will always be varied. Material possessions may come and go. Structures in society may support you, or be designed to actively do the opposite. You may have been born into a culture that celebrates you, or one that doesn’t honour your value.

No matter what your external circumstances though, you can connect with and feel into your inner power. This inner power cannot be taken away from you. Even when you feel disconnected from it, it’s still there, burning brightly for you.

Reclaim this power.

People may have tried to take it away from you, or to convince you that you don’t have it. But that’s just not true. Your power is where it’s always been – within you.

Don’t let the fear of not being liked, being rejected, or being told that you’re ‘too much’ stop you. Those reactions might hurt, but you aren’t here to live your life for those people. You’re here to live your life for you.

Show up for yourself. Accept your power, step into it and own it. Allow yourself to move towards your highest potential.


SHEro Action

Own your power.

Bring attention to all the beliefs that prevent you from connecting with and owning your power.

Whose voice do you hear telling you that you can’t, you shouldn’t, or you’re not allowed to?

Who are you keeping part of yourself small for?

On separate pieces of paper, write down each of the beliefs that stop you from fully embodying your power. One by one, write over each with a new, positive, affirming belief. Literally cover over the old belief, and re-write your story.

Then, somewhere safe and suitable, burn each piece of paper. Feel the old belief being burnt away, released and transformed into your new belief.

Pause and take a breath as you give yourself permission to reclaim your power.



“I step into my power with increasing confidence.”

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