SHEro Guidance for the Week Ahead

November 21st

1 – The Broom

Clear Outdated Patterns

Live life on your own terms, and in your own way

Brooms clear our spaces of things we no longer need, in preparation for fresh starts and new beginnings. They clear away the dust and dirt to free us from the old, protect us from the past and call in new energy. 


The Broom reminds you to clear outdated patterns

 It’s time to check your habits and routines, and clear out the ones that no longer align with who you are.

Unhelpful patterns, behaviours, thoughts, feelings and responses were once useful to you. Many of them were set up in your childhood when you had limited experience and understanding of how to navigate challenges and situations. But now, many of these habits and patterns no longer serve you. You’ve outgrown them, and there are more productive ways to respond and behave.

We’re not taught to recognise these unhelpful patterns, or that we can undo them. Maybe you don’t even realise that your responses are just unconscious and routine.

Become aware of these patterns. Notice how they influence you and your life, so you can replace them and get different, more joyful results.


SHEro Action

Clear outdated patterns of behaviour.

Notice where you fall into habitual patterns and responses. These will often be areas that trigger you and leave you feeling upset, annoyed or frustrated.

When this happens, get curious about where the response comes from. It will often be rooted in fear.

Ask yourself what you’re afraid of. Some common fears include not being good enough, being abandoned, not being loved, not being free and not being heard.

Just notice whatever you notice. Often, just witnessing these patterns and habits is enough to loosen their grip on you. But if you’re ready to replace them, remind yourself as you notice each pattern of when it hasn’t been true for you.

For example, if you feel ‘not good enough’, remind yourself of all the times you have been good enough. Remember when you completed something, made something or received praise about something.

Pause and take a breath as you free yourself from outdated patterns.



“I am free to move forward confidently on my own path.”


2 – The Eggs

Believe in Your Potential

You are capable of more than you think

Eggs hold the potential for all life. They’re a symbol of fertility, life, birth and creation. External forces can break an egg and end the possibility of life; but when the pressure comes from within, life begins.


The Eggs remind you to believe in your potential

It’s time to name and claim your magic, and step more fully into the things that make you, you.

Give your logical mind a rest, put the to-do list to one side, and just for a moment, give your attention to your creative self.

Honour the endless creativity and potential that reside within you.

You have the creative power of birth. You can birth ideas, projects, writing, art, cakes or maybe even babies.

Let your visions and ideas burst forth. Embrace your passions, even if they’re wild and messy, and even if they scare you a little (or a whole lot)!

Step out of the familiar, so you can start to create a life that you’ve yet to imagine.

Wake up to your gifts and talents. Claim them. Own them.

Colour outside the lines. Colour within the lines. They’re your lines, so do whatever you want with them. Just be sure to express and give voice to your creative potential and power.

This is your magic, and it’s time to use it.


SHEro Action

Release your creative potential.

Step out of your daily routine, even if it’s only for two minutes, and do something creative.

Sing, dance or create something different for dinner. Draw, write about your day or craft a poem. Doodle, colour in a colouring book, do a dot-to-dot drawing or make a mandala.

Whatever you do, allow your creative fires to lead, and see what potential you can unleash.

Pause and take a breath as you claim your true potential.



“I am full of creative potential.”

3 – The Heart

Energise Your Desires

Live a life of passion, purpose, miracles and magic

The heart is the seat of the emotions. It represents soul wisdom, as opposed to intellectual wisdom. It’s a universal symbol of love, joy and passion, and an emblem of personal truth and desire.


The Heart reminds you to energise your desires

Spend time reconnecting with your dreams and desires. Remind yourself of why they lit you up so much in the first place. Then use this passion to take bold, inspired action that will move you closer to achieving them.

It’s easy for life to take over and routine to become your priority. But for today, remind yourself of where you want to be going.

What are your dreams? What feelings and emotions do you want to experience more of? What values do you want front and centre in your life? Spend some time aligning with those dreams and desires, and then allow yourself to dream bigger.

Journal about your dreams. Draw them. Collage them. Sing them, dance them and share them with trusted friends.

Give your dreams the time and space they deserve. Only then can they become your reality, rather than a to-do list item that you might get around to one day… if you’re lucky and have time.


SHEro Action

Make time to dream your dreams.

Create blocks of time for yourself with nothing to do but explore what makes your heart sing and come fully alive.

Allow these feelings to develop into dreams.

Feel these dreams expand as you explore ideas and opportunities that you never thought possible – or at least hadn’t allowed yourself to explore before.

Tap into the realm of magic, possibility and limitless potential.

Explore ALL of your heart’s desires, and keep going until you feel complete.

Keep a note of your dreams and allow them to percolate and bubble away over the next few weeks. See what still feels relevant, and then add in foundations to make them into a reality.

Pause and take a breath as you energise your desires.



 “I prioritise my dreams.”

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