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Three Ways to Quickly Make Your Life More Magickal

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Ready for a deep dive into the sparkling sea of your soul?

The book and journals aren’t just about magick and enchantment; they’re about self-discovery and empowerment.

They’re your companions on a transformative journey, guiding you to uncover your true self and ignite the spark of your spirit.

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The A Pinch of Magick podcast with Rebecca Anuwen, has been created to remind you of your own magick and inspire you to embody your power and magick in everyday situations.

Filled with tips and practical advice to uplift you, encourage you to dream bigger and show you how to create the change you desire in a fun and magickal way.




Five Minutes of Magick is more than just a podcast—it’s your companion on a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Each day, join Rebecca Anuwen for bite-sized episodes crafted to infuse your day with joy, creativity, and practical steps towards a more aligned life. 




Igniting Magick, Inspiring Wonder, Championing Joy

Rebecca Anuwen is a passionate purveyor of magick and joy.

With an unshakeable belief in the power of enchantment in everyday life, she’s committed to helping others unlock their inner magick, navigate life’s obstacles with confidence, and cultivate a lifestyle filled with awe and wonder.

Generous in spirit and radiant in her energy, Rebecca’s mission is to inspire others to live a joy-filled life, empowering them to paint their world with their own unique blend of magick.

Join her on this extraordinary journey and uncover the magick that resides within you.

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You’re magickally curious, filled with wonder and a desire to delve into the unknown. You’re excited to unearth the magick that lies just beneath the surface of your everyday life.

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Fall in love with the magick of everyday life as you amplify your joy and rekindle your sparkle.

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