The New Moon is the perfect time to rest and tap into your intuition

During this time you can add power to your intentions to create and bring forth your vision by completing a simple ritual.

Completing a ritual creates the feeling that something special is happening, it gives magical intention to your wishes. It gets the power of the universe behind creating your deepest desires and a little extra help never went amiss…

Here’s an outline of one I like to do.

You will need:

1 bowl, one suitable to hold water
A little sea or mineral salt
1 bowl, suitable to burn paper in (optional)
Sage for smudging, or suitable cleansing incense
A crystal of your choice
1 candle
A paper and pen

Step 1. Clear Your Energy

Imagine standing under a silver waterfall and allow all negative energies to be washed away.


Step 2. Create a Sacred Space

Find a quiet place to sit, declutter and clean, you might like to place crystals or other special items around you, or cleanse the room with some incense.


Step 3. Become Present

Become fully present in your body.

Become aware of every part of your body.

Bring awareness to your breathing.


Step 4. Connect to the Elements

Earth: Hold your chosen crystal
Fire: Light your candle – I have 2″ candles for this purpose
Air: Light your sage leaves or your incense
Water: Fill a small bowl with water and add some sea salt to it to represent the oceans


Step 5. State Your Desires

Write down your wishes and desires on a piece of paper.

When you have written them all down, pass the paper through the smudge or incense smoke to clear away any unseen blockages or obstacles. Continue to do this until the energy around your desires feel lighter.


Step 6. Release Your Desires to the Universe

State your wishes and desires out loud for the universe to hear. Feel your desires in your body.

Breathe deep into your heart and declare “I am ready to receive. And it is so.”


Step 7. Let Go

Next you can either burn your desires, bury them in the ground or sleep with them under your pillow – do whichever feel right for you.


Step 8. Assimilate

Sit in silence for a while and see if any inspiration comes. You may even want to journal around your thoughts.

Let your candle burn itself out.