Welcome to The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast with me, Rebecca Anuwen.

I’m back with some inspiration and intuitive guidance for your week ahead.

Last week in the SHEro Toolkit, we looked at the symbolism of The Broom and the importance of clearing outdated patterns.

Today, we move on to the card, The Compass and aligning with your own inner compass.

Where in your life do you need to align with your own truth?

Perhaps you’ve been doing, what’s been expected of you or following a path you thought you should, rather than following your own dreams, desires, and intuitive nudges.

Take a moment to ask your question about aligning with your own inner compass.

Where do you feel out of alignment?

Where have you been doing what you thought you should do instead of what you truly wanted to do?

We’re going to start by looking at the meaning of the Toolkit card, taking the traditional wisdom from the guidebook, then I’ll draw a second card and a charm so that we can dive deeper into the message of The Compass and how you align with your own inner compass.


The Compass – Align with Your Inner Compass

Re-enchant your life podcast

What do you think of when you think of compasses, I’ll share my thoughts, but as always, what you think is far more important and relevant to you and your life.

Use my thoughts as a starting point, something to inspire you or to start a train of thought. But what I share is not the right answer. It’s just one answer.

Only you have the right answer for you.

So, let’s begin.

In the guidebook it says:

When you follow your own unique path through life magic happens.

Compasses help us to navigate unfamiliar terrain. They provide guidance and keep us heading in the right direction.

No matter where we find ourselves, a compass will always show us the way home.

The compass reminds you to align with your inner truth, your dreams, and desires.

Under the weight of so many expectations and judgements, both perceived real, it can be difficult to choose what you want over what you feel you should do.

It can feel far easier to ignore that quiet voice or nudge from within and override your dreams and desires.

You may ignore them because you don’t want to rock the boat or to appear selfish, but it’s time to follow your heart and align with what you know, to be true for you.

Listen to that small voice within and allow it to lead you back home to your own truth.

This small voice is navigating you towards your purpose. It’s showing you what you’re here to do, be and express. It speaks to you through the language of joy and expansion. Follow the things that light you up, expand your heart and bring you more joy.

The SHEro action suggests; trust your inner compass.

Spend the day listening to the whispers of your intuition. What activities do you feel called to do? Where do you desire to visit? Who do you want to reach out to?

Notice who, what, and where feels aligned to your energy and values.

Perhaps it’s people and places that feel easy or joyful to be around, maybe it’s activities that make you lose all track of time.

Just remind yourself that you can trust your inner compass.

When you think of your question, how does any of that resonate for you now?

Remember when we’re dealing with our intuition, we don’t want to be asking ourselves; is that right?

Maybe something came to mind about where you need to trust yourself more and you asked; Oh, is that right?

But we don’t need to ask that. Because that stepping back into our logic, that’s really useful elsewhere.

What we need to ask ourselves is does that resonate?

That thing that came to mind where maybe you feel out of alignment, don’t ask, is that right? Ask, does that resonate? That will give you an honest answer.

I’m just going to shuffle the cards to get some more depth to where you need to align with your own inner compass, or how will you need to align with your own inner compass?

And we get The Crane Bag.



Re-enchant your life podcast

The wisdom on The Crane Bag says: you have everything you need.

That seems quite perfect, doesn’t it? Because often when we are aligning with our own inner compass and we’re hearing that in a voice we can think; maybe that’s not right. Maybe I should ask someone else. Maybe I should get external guidance. Maybe I need to do more, be more, have more… before I can actually act on that wisdom, and trust that small voice within.

And actually, The Crane Bag is reminding you that you have everything you need already.

So many times, I hear people say; Oh, well, you know, I’ll go for that job or, or change career, or I’ll make that change when I’m more qualified, when I feel more confident in what I’m doing, when I’ve reached a particular dress size, whatever it is… and the card The Crane Bag is reminding you that actually, that might help, but it’s not needed. You have everything you need already.

You already have that inner resourcefulness.

You can already trust yourself.

You don’t need external validation.

This is you giving yourself permission to say yes to something, to say no to something, to do more of something, or to stop doing something altogether so that you can come back into alignment with your own inner compass.

And sometimes that just means closing your eyes and putting your hand on your heart.

We close our eyes so we can shut out the noise of everything around us.

We put our hand on our heart just to ground us and centre us in our bodies.

And then we just ask; what do I need to do to come back into alignment? Or maybe; what do I need to change? Or maybe; where am I out of alignment in my life?

And then you listen to that answer.

You don’t need someone to tell you where you’re out of alignment.

You don’t need someone to tell you how to get back into alignment, because actually, when you stop and pause, you have those answers already. You just need to be able to trust yourself, which is the whole point of this podcast.

The Compass and The Crane Bag, they seem quite a nice fit, because you can put your compass in your Crane Bag, and then you really do have everything you need!

But let’s have a look, what additional insight can the charms bring us?

Ooh. And we have a bicycle. I think we’ve had the bicycle come up before… Even though I have over 650 charms in this box, the same charm comes out again.


Re-enchant your life podcast

The bicycle, when you think of bikes, what do you think of?

It’s a push-bike.

For me, it’s joyful. You know, cycling has always been something that I’ve loved doing as a child, or I’ve done with my family. And it’s been days out and adventure. I am not a mountain biker, off-roader, or road racer, but you know, it’s always been for fun. For me, cycling represents joy, play and fun.

Your experience of cycling may be completely different. Take your meaning of cycling.

Also when I think of cycling, there’s a real freedom to it. There’s a real flow to it. Everything just going smoothly. Hopefully, there’s no potholes around!

It’s like, you know, align with your own inner compass, remember you have everything you need, because it’s time now to take action.

When you think of a bike, what does that represent to you? Maybe it also means something very similar; taking action. Moving, gliding, being in flow, perhaps it’s fun. It’s joyful feeling the wind to go through your hair.

You’re going quite quickly, but not so quickly that you’re missing the world around you. You can maybe take a little detour, you can get to places faster than just walking.

When you think about adding the bike charm to The Compass and The Crane Bag, what does that evoke for you?

How does that change the meaning of the cards, if at all?

For me, it’s almost like The Compass is saying, stop, align with yourself, The Crane Bag is  saying have the confidence to know that you can do, be, and have, whatever you dream. And then the bike is saying, now you can go get it.

So we’ve paused. We’ve taken stock of everything we have. And now it’s time to take action.

Perhaps, if your question was about aligning with your inner compass, perhaps the cards and the charm are telling you it’s now time to take action.

It’s time to make those changes. It’s time to say yes. It’s time to say no. It’s time to embrace more of your own truth, because if not now, when?

Perhaps when you see that the bag that’s green with a brown flap, and has a pentacle on it, and an infinity charm on the actual bag, perhaps that makes you think of something different, or maybe it will stay exactly the same. But it’s how you, your intuition speaks to you. That is the most important!

Thank you for joining me.

I’ll see you again next week for another episode of The Re-Enchant Your Life Podcast, where we’re going to carry on spiraling deeper on this journey, working with the cards, and I’ll be back on Friday with some more guidance on trusting your intuition, all of it… so that you can trust yourself, and hear your intuition so that you can make better choices and ultimately trust yourself more deeply.

Until then, I’ll see you again very soon.


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