Do you feel like you’ve lost your way?

Would like to experiences more clarity, connection and alignment?

If you’re ready to clear the blocks that have been holding you back, activate your inherent gifts and live your purpose, read on…

Let’s find out what you’re
truly capable of!

Alignment: The missing piece

If you want to stop procrastinating and claim your potent power then you need to be in alignment with your passion, purpose, energy and desire.

Because will power is not enough.

Determination will only get you so far.

Even being a nice, kind and caring person will eventually lead to burn out rather than the destination you desire.


In your life, relationships or business (or all of them!), if you’re:

  • Feeling stuck
  • Not where you want to be
  • Not getting the results you want
  • Feeling frustrated rather than joyful
  • Ready for something more

It’s likely because you’re out of alignment with your spiritual energy, desires and purpose.

You need to identify where you’re out of alignment, so that you can reset the energy and bring the transformation that you desire.

This is much easier than it sounds.

And although this is deep work, it doesn’t have to be heavy, especially when you have the right guide 😉

If you want to bring more magick, meaning and momentum to you life, let’s get started!


Break free of the patterns that have been holding you back


The world doesn’t need more people holding back from their biggest dreams and desires. It needs your passion, your joy and your unique blend of magick.

Book a Bio-Energetic Alignment session, and move forward with confidence and in full trust of yourself and your path.

Working with Rebecca, you can draw on her 20+ years of bio-energetic expertise, so that you can once and for all, get out of your own way and live a life of joy, fulfilment and purpose.

Rebecca blends her depth of knowledge and skills as an alchemist and delivers her sessions through her signature style of light-heartedness and joy.

Sessions are profound, yet fun.

‘Rebecca will take you to the depths of your shadow, and you’ll come back transformed, laughing with joy’.

Someone once said that having a session with Rebecca was like having a beautiful, refreshing shower as you were left feeling free of the baggage and ancestral patterns of the past.

“Every time I feel out of alignment, Rebecca knows how to bring me back to center within minutes after the start of the session. I always feel clear, calm and focussed afterwards”. – Nienke Thurlings, Soul mission & stress coach for women

  • If you’re going through change
  • Struggling to start something, or
  • Can’t let go

You will benefit from a Bio-Energetic Alignment session.

Don’t wait for a life-changing catastrophe to force you to bring your life into alignment. Decide to choose to do it yourself.


The Bio-Energetic Alignment Session


Each session is laser focused on you and exactly what you need.

During these 90-min sessions we hone in on the exact patterns that have been  holding you back – no guessing; this is direct bio-feedback from your energy system.

Once identified, we can then clear these energetic patterns so you can be free of them and confidently move forward.

(Sessions are 90-minutes long and held via zoom)


You’ll also receive your very own magickal plan to support you move forward with meaning and momentum.


PLUS: You’ll receive your own bespoke set of energy clearing meditations (3-5 audios) to keep you connected and on track.

These are super valuable for times when you feel overwhelmed or just want an extra ‘tune up’.

“This has helped me in my relationships with not only friends and family, but also with myself”. – Audrey E

Book a Bio-Energetic Alignment session, and move forward with confidence and in full trust of yourself and your path.

    Bio-Energetic Sessions are perfect for:


    If you’re ready to make a significant change in your life.

    When you want to commit to your spiritual path or embrace more of your gifts you can often come up against old patterns of not feeling good enough or fear being rejected for embracing your new path.


    Your Home

    If there’s been arguments, relationship break-ups or illness.

    If you’ve just moved into a new home and it doesn’t feel ‘yours’ yet, or there are just feelings of ‘not being quite right’.


    Your Business

    If you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

    If you’re struggling with visibility, not making the sales you desire or have recently changed the focus of your work.

    “I’m falling in love with myself, feel soooo committed to myself and my dreams, and everything feels so rich, abundant and full of possibilities.

    I can feel in every cell of my being that I’m on the right path. I can even see my future!” – Veronica

    Book a Bio-Energetic Alignment session, and move forward with confidence and in full trust of yourself and your path.

    “Rebecca is a true priestess… loving, kind and gifted. She will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you.” – Ingrid A

    “I’ve been able to find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Rebecca’s will elevate you beyond what you may think is possible!” – Lysa B

    “Rebecca has changed my life: I have a new found confidence, which continues to grow, as well as more meaning in my life.” – Susan L

    This work opens people up to confidence, power and magick. What could it do for you?

    By the end of your Bio-Energetic Alignment session, you’ll:

    • Feel lighter and free from stagnant energies, judgements and expectations (Yours and those around you)
    • Feel a deep sense of  belonging, passion and purpose
    • Be confident in your decisions, regardless of what other people think of them
    • Know exactly the next steps you need to take to create the change you desire
    • Take action with confidence and purpose

    Because, no matter what you’ve been through, your purpose, presence and passions are just waiting to welcome you home as you reclaim your inner-authority and confidently walk your own path.

    For the first 10 people, I’m offering the Bio-Energetic Alignment session for £247
    (the regular price will be £497).