Awaken Your Intuition

Never Second-Guess Your Intuitive Wisdom Ever Again

(in just 5-days!)

Even if you’re the current ‘Queen of Doubt’…

If you ever find yourself stuck in your head, over-thinking things and feeling disconnected from your intuition, this is the course for you!

There’s an ancient wisdom inside of you that just knows

It knows when to move forward and when to step back.

It knows exactly what you need to do so that you can live your fullest, most expressed and magickal life.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the clarity of this deep inner-knowing?

But let’s face it, this inner-knowing – your intuition – can often get so buried under layers of conditioning and expectation that you only ever catch glimpses of it.

Fears, judgements, and not wanting to upset other people can lead you to doubt and second-guess yourself, drowning out the clarity of your inner wisdom.


Awaken Your Intuition

If you want to create real change in your life, it’s essential that you reconnect to this intuitive guidance – the wisdom deep within you.

In fact, if I could have one wish, it would be that you could trust yourself deeply enough to never feel the need to look outside of yourself for the answers you seek.

I’d wish that you’d trust yourself so deeply you’d:

Never feel the need to seek external validation.

Take inspired action the moment your intuition gave you the message.

Never doubt what was right for you ever again.

This is why I created this course.

True magick starts when you align your thoughts, energy and action.

And this includes learning to trust your intuition. So that your intuitive wisdom can guide to take the perfect action, that leads to creating the change you desire.

Go from knowing that you’re intuitive but not knowing when and how to trust your intuition (at least not consistently)… to having a clear understanding of how it speaks to you and the confidence to act on it.

Save time and energy by trusting yourself the first time around.

No more bargaining with the universe or pleading for an extra sign (or an extra 20…)

Learn how to cut out the noise, so that you can clearly hear and interpret the messages of your intuition.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Get clear on the different types of intuition.
  • Understand the difference between intellect and intuition (HINT: we need both).
  • Learn the different ways your body communicates with you.
  • Identify the difference between fear, doubt, trauma and intuition.
  • Have a different take on what it means to be an intuitive person – WARNING: This is very un-British of me!
  • Learn how to use your intuition to make conscious choices that serve you.
  • Begin to break free from expectations and cultural/societal conditioning that prevent you from trusting your intuition.

When you don’t listen to your intuition, other areas of your life will be out of sync too.

It’s essential that you learn to connect with and listen to your intuition. It will free up your time and energy so you can get on with creating the life you desire.

Unfortunately, many magical people don’t trust themselves or their intuition because they’ve been taught to dismiss it as ‘not rational’.

But in reality, they’ve just forgotten the power and wisdom that resides within them.

With this course, you’ll get the information you need to look at your intuition differently and start to trust yourself again!


The course:

The course has five sections to work through.

It was originally designed to be completed over 5-days, spending about 30-45 mins a day going through the content.

But, of course, you can work through the material in any time that suits you.

Each section of the course has:

  • An introduction
  • A video of between 20-45 mins
  • An exercise for you to put into practice

Day 1

Intellect Vs Intuition

There’s no question that intellect is prized by society and rightly so. But it shouldn’t be at the expense of our intuition.

People can try and intellectualise their way to intuition. Reading about intuition, learning more about it, and think that’s how we become more intuitive, but that’s not how it works.

Discover what does work instead.

Day 2

The Different Types of Intuition

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about intuition.

It isn’t soft and fluffy and it’s not ‘bossy’ either.

There’s more than one way to receive the messages from your intuition.

And there are two main types of intuition.

Discover how the different types of intuition communicate with you.

Day 3

An Un-Britsh-of-Me Take on Intuition

Discover how losing connection with your dreams, desires will also disconnect you from your intuition.

And the very un-British-of-me antidote to this.

I’ll share the one thing that you can do, that will not only reconnect to your dreams and desires, but also reconnect you to your intuition too – and you’ll trust both!

Day 4

Conscious Choices

Discover how you can use the seemingly  most mundane of moments and the everyday choices to strengthen your connection with your intuition.

By using this technique, not only will you deepen your realtionship with your intuition, you can completely re-shape your future and move you closer to your dreams and desires.

Day 5

Honing Your Intuitive Skills

Intuition is a skill and like all skills they become better and more refined the more you practice them.

Put your intuition into practice with these simple, yet profound, exercises.

And discover the importance of what you learn when you get the exercises ‘wrong’.

Using the Course

Once you sign up you’ll be sent an email with your login details to access the course in your on-line portal.

The course was originally designed to be completed over 5 days. Once you ‘check’ the ‘complete’ button on the ‘day’s’ module, you get instant access to the next ‘day’s’ content. Allowing you to do the course at your own pace.

The course has been designed to be a practical course, containing lots of fun and simple exercises for you to try out and complete.

Some exercises may only take a few minutes to complete, others perhaps up to 30 minutes.

You could easily read throught the course material and watch the videos in a day.

But you’d get the most benefit from the course by IMPLEMENTING the exercises.

Complete them in your own time. There’s no rush, take as long as you like to go through the material and slowly start noticing how your intuition communicates with you.

That’s where the real magick happens!