Listen. Because listening’s important:

Hi and welcome to the Re-Enchant Your Life reminder.

Your sacred pause in the day where you’re encouraged to take a moment to stop and tune into your inner wisdom and become present, so that you can reconnect to your personal power and confidently embrace who you’re becoming, as you Re-Enchant Your life and create the change you truly desire.

Today you’re being reminded of the importance of being present.

Constantly focusing on the past and reliving those experiences, whether good or bad, or having an overwhelming desire to know your future, takes away from the magic of the very moment you find yourself in.

Yes, it’s important to acknowledge the past. To honour your experiences. To reflect and review so you can take forward what you’ve learnt, becoming wiser and assimilating the lessons.

It’s also important to have an idea of where you want to be heading in your life. A focus that inspires you to grow and move forward, and that’s strong enough to motivate you through any challenges you may encounter.

Yet it’s most important to be present, centred and aware in this very moment.

Presence allows you to connect more deeply in your relationships with yourself, to understand what you need and how you desire to show up in the world.

Presence creates more fulfilling relationships with your friends and your family. It allows you to connect more authentically with them and the wider world around you.

Presence allows you to become aware of the mysteries of life, the synchronicities, signs and messages that guide you on your next step of your very own SHEro’s Journey.

Presence helps you to navigate challenges and honour and celebrate your achievements.

It’s time to look beyond the appearances of the memories of the past and the dreams of the future, and focus on what’s true for you right now.

In this very moment, just take a moment to stop and pause, to take a breath, as you become present in your body.

Today’s SHEro Action:

Today’s SHEro action is to notice where you’re focusing your attention.

Are you focusing on the past or the future, worrying that events may repeat themselves, or that you won’t get what you truly desire?

Let go of that way of thinking and surrender to being present in this very moment.

As you do so, notice how different your experience is and how feel body, mind and soul.

Pause, and take a breath. As you allow yourself to become present. 

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am present in this moment and joyfully embody my experience of life”

I’ll see you tomorrow for your daily reminder to Re-Enchant Your Life with me, Rebecca-Anuwen,

In the meantime, enjoy being more present!



Becoming present isn’t as easy or even as natural as it sounds it should be.

I know this from my own experience and witness it in my clients too. Rushing from one task to the next, never really stopping to recognise the good job they’ve done or what they’ve accomplished.

Always trying to keep up or catch up.

Not being present can also be a sign that someone is running away from their own true feelings.

One of my clients was such an over achiever that when I asked her what she truly wanted for herself and her life, she didn’t really know. She’d been so busy trying to keep up with what had been expected of her and juggling all the things she thought she should be doing, that she’d lost a true connection with herself, her needs, and her desires.

She was almost afraid to stop and become present, because in doing so she knew she’d have to make changes to honour her and her true needs.

And yet, the simple practice of pausing, of focusing on your breath, feeling your feet flat on the floor, can be enough to remind you to be present with yourself, to come back home to yourself, to feel centred and safe within your own body, so you can gently remember your truth, connect with the magic of life, and spend some time ‘being’ as well as ‘doing’.

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